David Hooten

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican










David learned the value of hard work early. His mother opened a successful Italian restaurant, Mama Lucia’s, in Duncan, Oklahoma. David’s first job, at the age of nine, was bussing tables. David worked there through college, obtaining a customer service mindset that guides him today. David went on to purchase the family restaurant and operate it successfully for 15 years. David attended college on a music scholarship, eventually earning multiple Grammy and Emmy nominations for his talent at trumpet. Throughout his life, David has had the honor of playing our National Anthem at countless events, proudly representing his family who came from nothing and found the American dream in Oklahoma.

​David loves our country and the conservative values that make our nation great. Only in America could the son of an immigrant rise to become an award-winning artist, successful business owner and elected county servant.

Prior to his work as Oklahoma County Clerk, David was Executive Director of the C.A.R.E. Center (Child Abuse Response and Advocacy), working with law enforcement to support victims of child abuse. David and his wife, Whitney, are the proud parents of Henry, Ava and David Jr.