David Chapman

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 1

Party Affiliation: Republican








Proven experience as a successful business leader, not just another politician. As CEO David took over an organization that had only balanced it’s budget one time in eight years and turned it around to have a balanced budget for next 8 years. David has successful executive experience at all levels including Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Having served as both a teacher and on school boards, David is the candidate with the most education experience. He believes that we need to fight for our teachers and get them the resources that they need to make our youth succeed. Including increasing teacher pay. Currently our teachers make $12k less a year than in our neighboring states. Our youth are too important for our education to be ranked 50th in the nation.

David firmly believes that the national government should only be responsible for those things which are given to them in our Constitution. All other functions of government should be relegated to the states. David does not believe in a cashless society. Every year both the state and federal governments involve themselves more and more into our daily lives. David will stand to protect us from government overreach. David is a certified NRA rifle, shotgun and pistol instructor. Volunteering many times, a year to teach the next generation how to safely use firearms. David has also served our youth by becoming a hunter education instructor as well as a boating instructor to help our youth understand our wildlife and hunting heritage safely.

We can count on David to stand up for our second amendment rights. David is a devote Christian, family man, and a patriot. David also believes it is important to have businessmen in government. Business leaders unlike politicians have to work with a budget and make the hard decisions that get things done.