DaRan Johnson

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 34

Party Affiliation: Republican










DaRan landed in Stillwater, Ok in 2013 and decided to cast his roots in this great city. He married my dear wife HERE and began a family HERE as well. They pioneered our ministry HERE, a place where he could serve the great people of this city powered by the love of God. He has a deep connection to the life and liberty of Stillwater, Ok. Because like so many, HERE is where the best parts of my life began. In 2007, DaRan started my career as a Behavioral Specialist Flint, Mi. It was his greatest honor to help develop the formidable minds of children in the 7th-9th grade. He provided guidance and counseling to young minds whose behavioral issue affected their ability to learn and socialize with others in the classroom.

Taking his commitment to the next level, he developed after-school programs targeted toward the at-risk youth in Flint Community Schools. He has previously served as a Youth and Children’s Pastor while currently serving as the Senior Pastor of One Encounter Christian Center here in Stillwater, Oklahoma. DaRan plans to continue the hard work of helping the generations in our community in whatever capacity he is afforded.