Danny Williams

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 28

Party Affiliation: Republican






(405) 380-7678




Experienced – Conservative – Republican

Experienced Businessman
Danny owns Statewide Communications, a small business that provides high-speed internet service to rural Oklahomans. He believes broadband is critical to the future of business, healthcare and education in the state.

“People should be able to live in the country and make a good living, remotely visit a healthcare specialist or have access to high-quality training.”

Community Leader
Danny is board chairman of Seminole County Hope House, a residential addiction treatment program that he helped start. The non-profit facility will soon open its doors to women in need, followed by a separate facility for men.

“I kept hearing about how we have so many people in Seminole and the surrounding areas who are addicted to drugs. So, I decided to do something about it.”

Dedicated to Faith & Family
A graduate of Southern Nazarene University, Danny has two adult sons and nine grandchildren. He attends Immanuel Fellowship Church with his wife, Joyce, where he also teaches a Sunday School class for individuals recovering from addiction.

“I’m a conservative voice for rural Oklahoma. Sometimes we have to fight harder out here, and that’s a fight made fairer by experience and wisdom.”

Platform Issues

2nd Amendment