Dana Prieto

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 34

Party Affiliation: Republican












Dana Prieto was born and raised in Western New York, the grandson of immigrants. His family life instilled in him a deep love and reverence for American freedoms, citizenship, education and history. His father, the late Lt. Colonel Floreal Rivera Prieto laid the foundation for a strong moral compass and the importance of keeping ones word. As early as 7, Dana’s trip to the library found him coming home with every book he could find on early explorers and outdoors-men. He found it fascinating that the West was opened by early explorers and trappers scouting out new territory. This inspired him to learn the art of trapping. While Dana’s father was not an outdoorsman, he was always supportive of Dana’s dreams and would drive him to his various adventures.

While living in New York, Dana built a successful carpet and tile floor cleaning company from the ground up which he operated until moving to Oklahoma in 1991 to attend Rhema Bible College. From this experience, Dana gained an understanding of how important small business is to the local economy.

After moving to Oklahoma, Dana promoted several internationally acclaimed motivational speakers and sales trainers including Jim Rohn, known as America’s foremost business philosopher. These voices greatly impacted Dana and he continued to develop an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit. Dana presently owns and operates Everlasting Enterprises Inc., http://danaswebsites.com/ an online marketing company for small businesses. Dana is uniquely qualified to understand both the business owner and the needs of the employee. Dana grew up in an era when American freedoms were taken for granted, and when people said what they meant. When Americans could no longer say, “Merry Christmas,” and hunting, trapping, and fishing rights were slowly eroding, he knew the time had come take action to protect these and other important rights that were slowly being taken away, one statute at a time. He realized that for the sake of his grandchildren, he could no longer stay silent. It was time to take action and run for State Senate.