Cody Rogers

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 37

Party Affiliation: Republican



(918) 951-9300



Conservative Businessman. Faithful Family man

Cody Rogers started his paving construction company in 2015 with a hardhat and a $5,000 loan. Since then, he has built it into a successful enterprise, where he currently employs dozens of Oklahomans and manages million-dollar projects. Prior to working in road construction, Rogers worked in the oil & gas industry managing large budgets across multiple states, gaining government regulatory experience. He wants to use his business experience to get government out of the way and off of our back. Cody Rogers is a Conservative Republican who is pro-life, pro-education, pro-constitution, and pro-fiscal responsibility. Cody believes we need more pragmatic leadership in the legislature and less special interest control – and that’s exactly what he plans to bring to the Oklahoma legislature.

“I’m running to win back our district, so we once again have a solid conservative voice at the Capitol. I hope to earn your vote.”
-Cody Rogers

Cody Rogers has pledged to reject any OUT OF STATE SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY because he believes to represent Senate District 37, our state senator must be accountable to their constituents. Cody has chosen to primarily self-fund his campaign for State Senate and being backed by conservative like-minded individuals or associations. He has never sought political office in the past, saying “I am running to be an example to my children on how to be a true citizen legislator. Too often, we elect people with good intentions but once they get to the Capitol, they get caught up in their title and forget the reason they got elected. We need more unapologetic conservatives. Our principles are all we have to ensure good outcomes, but too often our legislators take them for granted. Right now, we have government regulations on the books that are stifling economic growth. I witness it every day in my own construction business relating to Oklahoma’s struggling infrastructure. We have to put people in place who have real-world knowledge of what it takes to put the right dynamics in place to get our state economy roaring again. We don’t need more lawyers or doctors at the Capitol — we need real-world businessmen who interact with the economy and regulations every day. I’m not running to make speeches; I’m running to get things done for the families of District 37.”

Platform Issues

The 2nd Amendment

I am 100% in support of our right to keep & bear arms. I am also an avid supporter of our Constitution. As a hunter and a father, I believe in teaching my children the responsibility of gun ownership and would vote against any proposed regulations that prohibit or seek to limit gun ownership. We cannot let politicians use gun-related tragedies as an excuse to remove your God-given right to protect your family and freely own firearms. Criminals do not follow our laws and removing our rights to self-defense will not prevent evil from rearing it's ugly head. I will be an unwavering advocate for gun rights. ​

Jobs and Economy

I believe in the private sector. Small business ownership fuels Oklahoma's economy. We need their expertise to remove regulations that stifle business growth. As a small business owner of a pavement construction company, I've seen firsthand how overregulation has stunted economic growth. Regulations are intended to protect competition & workers, but many hinder small businesses from growing their workforce and our economy. If elected, I am prepared to propose solutions on day one that reduce regulations, including those that are currently contributing to our infrastructure challenges across Oklahoma.

Supporting our President

President Trump has shown how effective a businessman can be in politics. Our President's career was spent in an arena where results, not rhetoric, define success. Having spent my career in business, I know the importance of making tough decisions, knowing that they will affect my employees and their families. More small businessmen are needed at Oklahoma's Capitol, and I'm running to bring my business skillset to deliver results for District 37 families. Trump has defied the special interests and I will do the same. Simply put, we need less talk and more action. I've supported our President from day one and will continue to support him.

Traditional Values

I believe family is the foundation of our nation. Morality has shaped our rule of law and there is no denying that the values which helped us become the freest and most prosperous society in the world are under attack. The radical left is seeking to divide us by race, gender, and religion. They've become emboldened by using political correctness to advocate unconscionable practices like partial-birth abortions and transgender reassignment surgery for children. When the virtuous become complacent, evil prospers. I am pro-life and will fight to protect our children and the unborn from harm. I will be a steadfast advocate for our shared conservative values.


Governor Stitt has made improving Oklahoma's education a top priority. In recent years, our educational system has seen improvements and I will support new efforts to build on these improvements. Our teachers and education professionals need to know that elected officials support them. I will work with Governor Stitt to make Oklahoma a top ten state for education. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and our economy could see a ten-fold return on investment by treating our children's education as a top priority. And not just K-12, but also by promoting trade schools that could bring new industries into the state and build a robust workforce.