Christian Ford

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 28

Party Affiliation: Republican




I am a born and raised Oklahoman, I grew up in Lincoln county and love rural Oklahoma life! Working as an electrician for the past six years has taught me the value of hard work and staying motivated.

I have also been blessed to serve as the Vice Chair of the Lincoln County Republican Party, where I was honored to be able to help draft the 2019 Oklahoma Republican Platform, one of the most conservative Republican platforms in the history of the state.

Working at the local level has shown me the importance of grass roots efforts. The sad fact is that the voices of the grassroots often falls on deaf ears at our state capital. From equal protection for the unborn to the fight for local control of our schools, the legislature has turned a deaf ear to the grassroots demands to return to biblical, conservative principals.

This is why I am running. Our voices CAN and SHOULD be heard by OUR legislators!!! We must return to biblical conservative principles to make our State great again!!!

Will you stand with me? Together we CAN make a difference at our State Capitol!!