Carisa Roberson

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OK Senate District: SD 13







I grew up in Davis, Oklahoma on the historic Fort Arbuckle where my Dad raised cattle and farmed alfalfa hay. I attended Davis Public Schools where I was very active in sports, cheerleading, and various clubs and organizations during my school years. After graduating high school in 2000, I attended college until going to work for the Chickasaw Nation where I met my husband, Greg. We were married in 2003, and we made a commitment to keep our children at home if at all possible. I have loved being a homemaker, caretaker, and teacher to our children. We now have a 15, 14, 8, and 3 year old living at home. We also have 4 older children, most of them now married, and we have 7 grandchildren. Where I Am Going I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a Grassroots Republican, but I am also a woman who has had an abortion. Thoughts and prayers concerning abortion have been woven throughout my entire life over the last 20 years. On April 21, 2018, my family and I began a prayer meeting for the ending of abortion in Oklahoma at our local library. I grew up around agriculture, I have family in the oil industry, and I attended one of the best school systems in our state. I know the importance of a strong economy and the value of quality education, but the absolute first order of business must be to end abortion in our state. We can do it Oklahoma!

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