Brice Chaffin

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 33

Party Affiliation: Republican




(918) 387-9626




“Hi, I’m Brice Chaffin and I’m running for state representative in District 33. Let me tell you a little about myself, and why I am running. I have noticed that a number of liberal decisions have come from our representation here in Payne County, and decided that now is the time to throw my lot in. I believe that our district is filled with right-minded, hard-working Oklahomans who deserve solid conservative representation in our state government. I would like to offer you my services if you will offer me your vote. I was born to John and Laura Chaffin of Stillwater. My dad has been a pastor since I was five, and my parents instilled in me not only a biblical worldview but the values and ideals that I try to apply to all of my decisions. It was in high school that I developed an interest in politics and the decline of our culture. As a teen, I felt like God was calling me to stand in the gap for our government and culture by participating in the political arena. After going to OSU for political science, I joined the army as a chaplain assistant, thinking what better way could I serve God and Country simultaneously. I met my wife while in the army, shortly before Uncle Sam sent me to Taji, Iraq in the 1st Cavalry Division, 2-8 Cav. We married when I returned from Iraq, and now have four children ages 5 to 10. I spent 4 years on active duty, and another 2 in the reserves back home in Oklahoma. Once I finished my service in the army, I went back to OSU for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. I got a teaching certificate and taught Highschool art down in Okemah. Starting in the spring semester, I taught for a year and a half before moving back to Stillwater and getting a job as an operator at Plains All American Pipeline south of Cushing, where I work to this day.”