Brandon Wade

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The time is here to take back our government! We must stand and fight together to save our democracy! We can no longer sit back and allow our rights to be taken away. I’m a working class third generation oil industry worker, that understands the struggles the working class of America is facing. I’m a proud Union member for over 22 years. I have experience with negotiating contracts for the things our members want and deserve. I have been the Committee chairman for my local for over 10 of those years. I also have served on our Executive Board with the Union for just as long. I understand how to work with others to come to an agreement that can benefit all sides. I believe I can take this experience to the Senate and put it to work for the working class. I believe we must get back to a government for the people by the people! This has been forgotten for far to long. I think it is time to forget the political parties and work together to make this country better for the citizens. To do this we must listen to the people of this country and do the things that they send us to office to do. I believe we must ensure everyone can have a quality education and not be in a mountain of debt to get it. Education is a must at all levels no matter who or where you are from. We must educate our youth, because they are our future. I believe healthcare is a right! We must provide healthcare for every US citizen in the greatest country in the world. We must get control of the pharmaceutical industry as well. We have to ensure that our people are able to afford their medication. We have to demand the pharmaceutical companies give us prescription drugs at the lowest cost we can. People should never have to choose between their medication or other needs for their families. I will always fight for women’s rights. What is happening to our women in this country is unacceptable and we have to fight to stop it before it is too late! Every Woman should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies. This is a basic human right and we can’t allow it to be taken away. I stand with our women in their fight for their right! Voting is another right of all citizens in this country. This is what makes our democracy and has to be protected at all cost. We must fight to ensure every single citizens of this country of legal age has access to vote. We should be making this process easier not harder. Please stand with me as I stand with you in our fight to save our democracy!