Brad Peixotto

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 34

Party Affiliation: Republican





Born in Tulsa, Brad Peixotto spent his childhood in south Tulsa. Growing up with the dream of serving his country. Brad made that dream a reality when he joined the military, shortly after his 17th birthday. Since his time in the military he has worked in the Oil and Natural Gas, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Security, Construction, Retail, and Medical Marijuana industries. Also serving his community on the board of Bailey Educational Foundation in Owasso. His experiences has allowed insight to the struggles families are facing putting their children through college, while running successful businesses has taught him the importance of government oversight and regulation in providing Oklahomans with the right business environment for economic success in not just a few aspects of the economy but across the spectrum. This real-world work experience in numerous sectors of the economy gives Brad unique insight and qualifications that will lead Oklahoma into a future full of opportunities.