Bevon Rogers

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 5

Party Affiliation: Democrat



I am comfortable in the political scene as my family has always been actively involved in either tribal or state politics. I received one academic citation from former U.S. Congressman Dan Boren from District 2 for my ACT Score. I also received one academic citation from former State Representative R.C. Pruett from House District 19 when I graduated the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. We formed close bonds with our State Senators and State Representatives, the ones who wrote the legislation that manifested the creation of our world renowned science academy. I then studied Chinese International Finance for 7 semesters at the University of Oklahoma, but I got cold feet my senior year and was not sure I wanted to be a banker in Hong Kong, so I went searching. I ended up finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Houston – Victoria. My daughter London lives with me in Oklahoma City and we are building a little farm in Hugo. I began playing with LLC’s and quickly graduated to an S-Corporation with 50,000 shares. I meant to assign them par values after I obtained a series license or two, just to see how they do it. I enjoy building businesses because they help me understand what they are capable of doing. I did not want to run my own company though; I focused on large multinational corporations and how governments impact their operations. I know what it takes to be competitive globally and if you read my literature, so will you. My first career was in Oil and Gas and I worked alongside Devon, Chesapeake, Marathon Oil, BHP, Murphy, Pioneer, and many more. I have done everything from mineral acquisition, land man work, pipelining, drilling, work over, coiled tubing, fracking, abandonment, wireline, and testing for the Texas Railroad Commission. I was expecting to go to South America as an Oil and Gas Company Man to help build their infrastructure when the market collapsed and the price per barrel dropped from above $100 to well below $33, which is the break even point for most operators in the Eagle Ford. The sudden loss of income impacted me and those around me so heavily, that I vowed to never again work in an industry that relied solely on the value of a single commodity. I have since discovered how to prevent that with economic legislation and I strongly advocate Oil and Gas Trade Reform. We invented Oil and Gas when we pulled the first hydrocarbons from the earth in Pennsylvania with the Drake Well in the 1800’s; no one tells us what our crude is worth but our own national market. I love Oil and Gas and will protect the industry from future market collapses with legislation. No family deserves to experience a market collapse of any kind. I transitioned from Oil to large scale commercial food distribution and worked for all the largest national distributors servicing San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Oklahoma City, Nashville, and Temple. I completed complex Black Belt Six Sigma projects with U.S. Foods In Oklahoma City that reduced waste, increased efficiency, and their stock shot up quickly. I spent time in the Pacific learning how the islands distribute food amongst themselves. Sysco purchased the island assets but could not get the operation functional, so they called me. I thoroughly understand the importance of our agriculture industry from the bottom up; from the farmer to the consumer, and I am the best in the world at running a food distribution operation. Ask anyone. I mastered commercial food distribution and I needed a new challenge and a new industry. I went to work with a Human Capital Management Firm in Oklahoma City called Paycom. This incredible software company represents 90% of the technology industry in the state of Oklahoma and steadily grows much faster than either Facebook or Amazon. I was happy working in technology, but I still could not find what I was missing, so I kept looking; I had to find out what my purpose is. I ended up traveling to a secluded island in the Pacific where I could truly focus on what I was needing. I thought and I thought and I never stopped thinking. Then I began writing, and once I started, I have never been able to stop. I had found my place in life; I am a legislator. With my intelligence, vision, experience and writing capabilities, I will fix the legislation we have now to ensure that our Republic can be maintained and our Democracy can be preserved. I am not afraid to defend truth or the light and it is my duty as a mathematician and an economist to constantly search for where the pair dwell. I have published numerous essays and a pamphlet that will explain everything about myself, my goals, and how deeply I care about all 77 counties in Oklahoma. My literary work is the blueprint for bringing Oklahoma back to the light and with your support, we can impact the world. It only takes one to be outstanding, and the rest will follow