Avery Frix

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Candidate Details

US Congress District: District 2

Party Affiliation: Republican








Avery Frix is a businessman and builder running for Congress.

Like President Trump, Avery is committed to rebuilding America with our values.

Elected to the state House in 2016, Avery has a history of authoring pro-Trump and pro-life legislation. He is a strong conservative who has proven he will fight to keep America first.

Avery is currently chair of the Transportation Committee.

A fourth-generation resident of the 2nd Congressional district, Avery comes from a long line of builders dating back to his great-grandfather, who started Frix Construction in 1940. In addition to his work in the family business, Avery is also the owner of Oxford Productions, a tourism and facility management company.

Avery is a graduate of Muskogee High School and the University of Oklahoma. He is married to Haley, also a business owner and the proprietor of Broadway Market in downtown Muskogee.

Avery is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation.

A long-time supporter of the NRA, Avery enjoys hunting quail and spending time outdoors. He is also a board member of Muskogee Habitat for Humanity.