Asa Hutchinson (Dropped)

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican





As President, I will uphold the Constitution of the United States and restore respect for the rule of law. I will defend our borders, strengthen our military to secure peace through strength, and push back against Communist China. Domestically, I will unleash American energy production, grow our economy, restore fiscal sanity, and reduce the bloated federal government that intrudes on our lives every day.


  • Prosperity
    • Ignite Economic Growth
    • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Unleash American Energy
    • Empower the Private Sector
    • Invest in the Workforce
    • Reform Immigration Policy
  • Strength
    • Sustain Military Preeminence
    • Promote Responsible Statesmanship
    • Ensure Fiscal Discipline
    • Strong on China
  • Freedom
    • Reform Federal Law Enforcement
    • Protect American Sovereignty
    • Enhance Public Safety