Adam Holley

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican




First and foremost, I believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior and strive to lead my life by His example. He showed love and mercy but also tossed over the tables of corruption when it effected the house of God. With the support of God and our families we excel, I would love to recognize my family and thank my wife Crystal for your complete support and being equally yoked in this journey called life and such a great bonus mom. Also, to our children Sera and Malachi as we continue on the path God has given grace to pursue.

Through my past experiences in public service, law enforcement, and business management we will lead our country back to the Republic the founding fathers forged. With approximately four years as a volunteer firefighter and EMS driver along with time served as an office in the Regional Jail Authority of West Virginia, it has equipped me to handle high stress situations and react with grace under pressure. Another key trait I developed was an emphasis on character and Integrity.

As an office manager, I helped a mining controls manufacturer rebuild from a total loss fire in 2009 and grew their production revenue over 300 percent by 2012 before being laid off due to Obama’s war on coal. I am currently an office manager for a commercial construction company since re-locating back to Oklahoma in 2015. I commit to fight for America First in all areas and to restore our Republic as envisioned by our founding fathers.