Joan Farr

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 5

Party Affiliation: Independent






Joan Farr was born in Weisbaden, Germany. She obtained an undergraduate degree in December 1977 after attending Wichita State University, Kansas State University, and Butler County Community College. She obtained a graduate degree from Wichita State University in May 1981. Her professional experience includes working as a traffic investigator with the Wichita Police Department, as a senior buyer at The Boeing Company, as president of Heffington Homes, Inc., CEO of Association for Honest Attorneys, a business consultant with Improv Business Consulting, and as a pre-litigation consultant.[3]

Farr received the 2015 Library of Congress Award for her 2014 campaign website. She also received the following awards: the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence (2014), selected as NRCC Businesswoman of the Year (2003 to 2006), National Leadership Award as NRCC Honorary Chairman (2003), and Who’s Who Among Professionals and Executives honoree (2001). Farr is the author of How to Run for Office as an Independent Candidate – on very little $$! (2015) and Ten Secrets You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer (2004).[3]As of 2020, Farr is affiliated with Dorcas Ministries in Oklahoma.[3]

Platform Issues

Get Out of Debt Plan

Joan is proposing a “Get Out of Debt Plan” that is a step toward this goal and toward trying to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Her idea is that if a poor/middle-class person will agree to try and improve their lives for one year (stop drinking, doing drugs, smoking, gambling, etc., whatever their struggle might be), then a rich person agrees to pay off their debt up to a certain amount. In order to achieve this, the person would agree to be monitored (i.e., wear a bracelet), which puts surveillance to good use since this would mean consent is given by a person. If they complete their agreement in a year, their debt is paid and they receive a “G.O.O.D. Guy” or “G.O.O.D. Gal” certificate signed by the President (which also stands for “Get.Out.Of.Debt.”). This is a plan that would give people hope and encouragement in trying to start anew which is what they need in such difficult times as these.

Anti-LGBT policy enactment

"Marriage is between a man and a woman, so I can’t condone this sin. LGBT people represent only 4.5% of the total population, and I believe in ‘live and let live.’ However, we should not be passing laws that favor a small minority. "

Criminal Justice Reform

" Criminal justice reform is great, but what are we doing to ensure that NO innocent people end up in jail in the first place? Nothing that I can see since we have too many attorneys in the office. Lawyers become judges become politicians, and this is the problem. Overhauling the legal system will fix it. "

Right to Bear Arms

"I support the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, especially with the coronavirus pandemic which was begun by the Deep State. In fact, I support the Constitution entirely. "

Less Government interference

"I am in favor of less government. In general, we are passing too many laws that restrict our freedoms and keep us from being the “land of the free. "

Increased Veteran Support

" I support veterans, since my father was a fighter pilot killed in Viet Nam in 1965. In 2006, I found out that he died trying to save the life of his wingman. Senator Inhofe has been trying to help me get him the Medal of Honor and I’ve been grateful for his assistance. "