Robert McMaster

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 83

Party Affiliation: Republican





Robert McMaster was born and raised in Leland, Mississippi along with his two sisters. His father was an Army veteran and police chief while his mother was a social worker who retired from their respective careers to open their own small business in their hometown. He grew up in a Christian household and worked periodically in his family’s business as he grew up.

Robert attended public school in Leland and graduated as Valedictorian from Leland High School. He achieved his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Mississippi College. He spent a year in Indiana after graduating from college before making his home in Oklahoma City in 2013.

His adult life has been spent working a multitude of jobs from manual labor to managerial roles in retail. Through his different positions and locations over the years, Robert has had the opportunity to meet a wide array of people from different backgrounds.

Robert currently works as a private investigator for the Hunsucker Legal Group and is CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) certified. His investigations on behalf of the firm’s clients have yielded many favorable outcomes, including dismissals and victories in the court system. Being a private investigator allows Robert to begin to fulfill his dream of helping others. Prior to working at Hunsucker Legal Group exclusively, he owned his own private investigation and security company.

Now, Robert wants to work for the people of District 83 and the State of Oklahoma. He believes in a better system of healthcare where the patient has greater choice over providers and an education system that gives parents more choice. He also believes in improvements to be made to the current criminal justice system that would benefit the state. He is devoted to uphold the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Platform Issues

Health Care

My Healthcare Initiative is a specific approach tailored to combating three of the top five medical illnesses killing Oklahomans today while lowering cost to the State of Oklahoma and its taxpayers. The Initiative has five parts in which 1-3 are dedicated to incentivizing lower income Oklahomans with preventative care and combining this with HSAs and Major Medical insurance in an effort to give them the choice of their medical care. 4 and 5 are cost saving measures without sacrificing the quality of healthcare. It consists of: 1) Preventative Health Care Tax Deduction Dollar to Dollar deduction for medical professionals providing Preventative healthcare to lower income Oklahomans. Will save the State of Oklahoma money on preventative services so that money can be reallocated to other issues, like mental health. Will stimulate growth in the Oklahoma economy by leaving more money in Oklahomans pockets. Should allow for lower prices in the private industry market due to the removal of the third party payer effect by removing the low contract rates from Medicare and Medicaid. 2) Health Savings Accounts Increased dividends into HSAs for Lower Income Oklahomans Incentivizes saving money for future medical needs. Will lead to more capability of lower income Oklahomans to handle healthcare costs. 3) Major Medical Tax-Deduction for Insurance companies to configure prices for lower income Oklahomans. Allows for lower income Oklahomans to pay for Major Medical Insurance without increasing cost for all other individuals. Incentivizes insurance for Oklahomans who may not be able to cover the cost of healthcare. 4) Deductible Security for State Employees Allows for more access to healthcare while lowering cost to the State of Oklahoma Let’s State Employees invest in their plan for the future Gains the standard percentages similar to HSAs 5) Mandatory Price Tags Gives Oklahomans the power of choice by releasing prices for services Saves providers and insurance companies money by negotiating all rates prior to service instead of continuous negotiation of prices which raises cost to providers and insurance companies. Creates competition amongst health providers which will lead to lower prices for the people


Our children are the future of Oklahoma. We owe it to our children and our communities to make sure they have the best education. I want to help create legislation that will lead Oklahoma’s educational system into the future and increase the quality of education for all Oklahoma children. 1) Administrative Level Consolidation Reduce amount of school districts in Oklahoma from 512 to 125 by consolidating districts at the administrative level. Estimated savings – 30-40 Million Dollars Funding saved would be moved to Direct to Class Investments 2) Universal School Choice with Vouchers Parents have the choice on where they want to have their child(ren) educated no matter where you live or what level of income you are. Gives the people the power to give their children the best possible future 3) Educational Savings Accounts Every child would have an ESA account created for them The amount of money Oklahoma spends per child would be invested in the ESA Parents would use that money for the school in which child attends. Parents can invest in that account which will gain standard dividends Any balances leftover will rollover to the next year

Criminal Justice Reform

Our prisons have become debtors prisons and it’s time to look for a better way. I want to work to make sure that Oklahoma’s Justice system is fair for all. 1) Harsher Penalties for Rape, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Currently, 1st Degree Rape carries a minimum sentence of 5 years and 2nd Degree Rape carries a minimum sentence of 1 year. I want to up these minimums to 10 years on 1st Degree and 5 years on 2nd Degree. 2) Return Subpoena power to Criminal Defense Attorneys Did you know that your attorney has more power to defend your property than your life? Currently in Oklahoma, Criminal Defense Attorneys do not have the ability to get un-redacted information from Law Enforcement on behalf of their clients. The power of the subpoena has been taken away from Criminal Defense Attorney’s with regards to Law Enforcement by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. 3) Bail Reform Readjust bail to better fit the crime. Reform the OR and cash bond system to allow for the system to get justice, Oklahomans to be protected and without violating the rights of the people. 4) Judicial Sentencing Allows defense attorneys to make sentencing claims of violation of the 8th Amendment (Cruel and Unjust Punishment protection). Judges can lower sentences that would fall under this claim Prevents people from having to make this claim to an appellate court