The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) is calling for the U.S. Justice Department to investigate a “hate crime” involving a Tulsa man.
Tulsa Police arrested Stuart Manning, 43, after an incident in a bank parking lot at Pine and North Lewis on December 13.

In a police booking report, the victim, who is from Lebanon told officers a “large white male” had gotten upset because she had parked too close to his car.

She stated the man yelled obscenities, hit her in the head with his fist, pulled a knife and slashed her car’s driver side tire.

The report stated, Manning said, “hey f—— b—- Muslim, why did you get so close to my car,” three times and “hey you Muslim b—-, I got your tags you ‘f’ Muslim.”

The victim told officers she was wearing a head scarf at the time. Police stated the victim spoke with a Middle Eastern accent.

After identifying the man in a photo line-up, officers took Manning into custody on January 2.

During questioning, police said Manning stated “he had a drinking relapse and did not remember the incident.”

Manning was booked into the Tulsa County jail on complaints of malicious intimidation/hate crime, assault and battery and malicious injury to property.

Manning’s bond was set at $3,000. Jail records show he has a December 9 court appearance.