Oklahomans gathered Sunday to remember the Paris victims and stand up against terrorism. CAIR Oklahoma hosted an interfaith vigil for those who were killed by terrorist attacks in Paris.

Moments of terror as gunman opened fire and set off explosions across Paris, thousands of miles away. Here Oklahomans watched in horror.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking, heartbreaking to see innocent life once again taken. Heartbreaking to see people do it in the name of faith regardless of what faith it is,” said Executive Director of CAIR-Oklahoma Adam Soltani.

Sunday night many put aside their differences in religion or background, coming together at CAIR Oklahoma’s Mercy Center, to pray for the 129 lives lost and to show that Oklahoma stands strong.

“One of the ways that we can react to terror in the world is with prayer, because truly before we are our individual religions, we are humanity.”

“Find the courage to stand up, and to say no this is wrong, and that faith is stronger than fear and truth is stronger than terror.”

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks that targeted popular restaurants, a bar, a concert hall and a packed soccer stadium in Paris.

CAIR Oklahoma leader say unfortunately many Americans blame the entire Muslim religion for terrorism.

“Terrorism has no religion. When evil afflicts communities anywhere in the world, it affects all of us,” said Soltani.

Sunday leaders of all faiths hoped to send a message that we stand with those in Paris, and Oklahomans will not be divided.

“We’re not going to let terrorism to divide us but we’re going to stand united, as one people and show that we can live in harmony, peace and love,” said Soltani.

On Tuesday there will be a prayer vigil at 1:30 P.M. at the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

OU Students are also hosting an event on Monday at 9 A.M. at the South Oval on campus.