Officials with the Islamic Society in Oklahoma City have said they have been flooded with calls from people wanting advice on whether or not they should travel.

In the midst of these uncertain times, they have received quite a bit of support from the community.

“There’s a lot more opportunities here that they might not have overseas,” said Saad Mohammed, the director of Islamic information for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.

Mohammed said many people from Muslim countries have come to Oklahoma to seek the land of opportunity. But ever since President Donald Trump’s executive order on the travel ban, Mohammed said dozens of families have called, concerned about whether or not they should travel.

“Our volunteers are always busy, always at it,” he said. “Not just the travel concerns, but safety. Coming to the mosque. Going to school.”

Some people also are frightened of encountering threats or racism in everyday life.

So far, Mohammed said it’s been the opposite as people in the Oklahoma City community who are not Muslim have stopped by to show their support.

“(It’s been) just a lot of letters and flowers and cookies and so on and so forth,” he said. “(There have been) just lot of phone calls and emails saying, ‘Hey, we support you. We have your backs.'”

As of right now, Mohammed said the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City is encouraging people from Islamic countries to go ahead and travel right now with the ban on hold.