CAIR Oklahoma is proud to welcome an outstanding individual as our intern for the Spring 2016 semester!! Each semester our interns gain experience in the areas of Civil Rights, Communication, Outreach, Media, and Government Affairs. In addition, our interns always utilize their talents and experiences to help enhance the mission and vision of CAIR Oklahoma throughout our state. 

Mukarram AbuAlouf is studying for her masters in Human Relations with a certificate in Organizational Diversity and Development from the University of Oklahoma and plans to graduate in 2016.

AbuAlouf, who is Palestinian, grew up in the Gaza Strip. She received her bachelor degree in English language literature and education from Al-Azhar University, Gaza. While AbuAlouf was living in Palestine, she worked for a human rights organization in the International Unit and Translation. The organization is focused on exposing Israeli violations of international law against Palestinians who are detained inside Israeli jails. She also worked as an English teacher when she lived in Palestine.

She has always been involved in human rights work; therefore, she decided to do her internship at CAIR Oklahoma to work towards empowering Muslim people and spreading the word about her peaceful faith of Islam. At the current time, AbuAlouf lives in Norman, Oklahoma.