Regarding “Muslim advocacy group asks for apology” (News, Sept. 4): To suggest that ISIS represents the views of all Muslims is like suggesting Westboro Baptist Church speaks for all Christians or that the KKK represents all white people. State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, did more than take the Quran out of context. He twisted a passage in order to stir up fear, hatred and paranoia, with the hope of gaining political points.

I recently spoke to a woman who, like many other Muslims, is heartsick over the actions in the Middle East. Understandably, she was also hurt by Bennett’s statements. “Hate me and my religion if you must,” she said. “But at least have the decency to not lie about my faith, my Quran and what I believe.”

Like other fringe extremists, ISIS has hijacked the name of a religion and tried to convince the rest of the world that they represent that faith. Creating fear, terror and hatred is the extremists’ goal. Thanks to people like Bennett, they’re succeeding.

Russ Florence, Oklahoma City

Florence is chairman of the board of the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice (