Election Day is just around the corner, and we hope you are fully prepared to exercise your right to determine the future of your community!

On November 6, Oklahoma and the nation will vote in the midterm elections and select the best candidates for a number of local, state, and federal elected positions. This is a crucial election that could change the balance of power in our country. We are depending on every qualified Oklahoma voter to help us take a stand for justice and civil liberties.

CAIR-OK’s Government Affairs Department has prepared the 2018 General Election Guide and the 2018 State Question Guide for you to be informed on the races and issues that you will be voting on next week. We also have a Judicial Retention Guide, prepared for us by a guest contributor. These guides can be accessed using your phone or computer, or you can pick one of our limited number of printed guides from the CAIR-OK office and bring it with you into the voting booth. However you choose to vote – by absentee ballot, early voting in the days before Nov. 6, or in person at the polls – we want you to cast an educated vote for the future of your community.

Access the General Election Guide here: http://bit.ly/2018candidateguide
Access the State Question Guide here: http://bit.ly/2018sqguide
Access the Judicial Retention Guide here: http://bit.ly/judicialretention

In addition to knowing the issues, you should know what your rights are as an American voter. Voter suppression, or the use of tactics intended to keep you from exercising your right to vote, is illegal and should be immediately reported to CAIR-OK, the ACLU of OK, and/or the State Election Board. Some examples of illegal voter suppression or interference with the right to vote are:

  • Questioning you about your citizenship, criminal record, religion, or other voting qualifications other than your state-required ID;
  • Claiming that you or others must speak English, remove your hijab or other religious clothing, or present a form of identification not required by state and federal law;
  • Preventing you from obtaining language assistance if you are of limited English proficiency;
  • Displaying false or misleading signs about voter fraud and the related criminal penalties;
  • Falsely presenting oneself as an elections official or poll monitor;
  • Questioning you about how you vote or looking over your shoulders as you vote;
  • Other forms of harassment, particularly targeted towards non-English speakers, voters of color, and members of minority communities.

If you observe any of these actions, report it as soon as possible to: 

  • CAIR Oklahoma’s Civil Rights Department, using the online reporting tool at cairoklahoma.com/report
  • The ACLU of Oklahoma: (405) 524-8511
  • The Election Protection Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE
  • The Oklahoma State Election Board: 405-521-2391
  • The poll workers at the location where you are casting your vote, unless the intimidation is being perpetrated by a poll worker.

We want you to be an informed, safe, and educated voter in this year’s midterm elections. If you have any questions about the candidates, the issues, or your rights, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.