Each year, CAIR Oklahoma (CAIR-OK) develops policy priorities to advance key issues and promote civic engagement among Oklahoma Muslims. The priorities are informed by research, community interest, and CAIR-OK’s mission, and is approved by our Board of Directors.

If you have any feedback regarding our policy priorities or would like to get more involved in CAIR-OK’s government affairs advocacy, please contact Lani Habrock at lhabrock@cair.com.

Bullying, Public Shaming & Discrimination

  • Expand the definition of bullying to include single incidents of harassment.
  • Include the targeting of persons for sexual orientation and gender identity in criminal penalties for malicious intimation and harassment

359fd624-ad30-478c-9c2b-40a8c830eb6fCivil Rights

  • Protect citizens rights to strike, assemble at the state capitol, and exercise free speech.
  • Prevent state funds from supporting agencies that discriminate.
  • Ensure the rights of citizens to fair, open, and transparent government processes.

Criminal Justice

  • Make current laws regarding low-level and nonviolent offenses retroactive.
  • Reduce pre-trial detainment time.
  • Amend pre-trial practices to protect the rights of the accused and decrease the number of people jailed for financial reasons.
  • Reform sentencing procedures to protect the rights of defendants.


  • Prevent firearms from being carried in schools, playgrounds, or government buildings.
  • Prevent the erosion of commonsense restrictions on irresponsible gun ownership and carry.


  • Make voting more accessible to working individuals.
  • Reinstate voting rights to felony offenders once released from custody.
  • Encourage responsible voting by emphasizing candidates’ policy positions over party affiliation.


  • Increase funding for education.
  • Encourage schools and educators to ensure up-to-date curricula, supplies, procedures, and facilities.
  • Fairly compensate educators in terms of salaries and classroom expenses.