OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma chapter of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is working hard to sort through the bags and bags of clothes and supplies that have been donated to give to the Afghan refugees.

CAIR employees and volunteers are currently sorting through the boxes and boxes of donations given by the Oklahoma community to make welcome kits for the Afghan refugees.

Volunteers said they are doing everything they can to make sure the 1,000 refugees have the essentials they need.

“While only three families have arrived, we know we’re expecting a large number of folks in the next few weeks,” said Veronica Laizure, civil rights director of CAIR Oklahoma.

Each welcome kit will contain clothes, masks, hygiene products and more. There will also be prayer rugs and Qurans, so the refugees feel more at home.

With donations pouring in, it’s important to sort each item by size, group and occasion.

Volunteers said they’re shorthanded and need all the help they can get.

“All the stuff is going to be here, regardless, so if there’s not any people here, we’re not gonna get anything done,” said volunteer Ayman Albaz. “They won’t be able to get to the families.”

Habrock said each family typically has an average of six to eight people, and that they will be expecting around 200 more families. That’s why they said it’s important to be understanding of their situation.

“They come here with very little” said Lani Habrock. “We have to be empathetic because many of them won’t see their parents, cousins, or friends.

CAIR is not accepting any new donations until next Wednesday, but if you’d like to volunteer, click here or email info@ok.cair.com