Donald Trump is a man known for his words getting him in trouble, but this week, it’s his lack of a response that has metro interfaith leaders calling for action.

“Stop spreading the fear of a group of people who are a vital part of the fabric of America,” Adam Soltani with the Council on American Islamic Relations said.

Interfaith leaders made their voices heard on the fourth floor of the state capitol on Wednesday. It’s a response to an incident at a Trump rally in New Hampshire where a supporter can be heard saying, “We have a problem in this country and it’s called Muslims.” The GOP front-runner has been criticized for not stopping or correcting the man.

“Islam is a religion of mercy and compassion,” Soltani said.

Other leaders, including Imam Imad Enchassi, joined Soltani. Imam Enchassi played a recent voicemail for the audience.

“You are not wanted here,” a man can be heard saying. “Get out of our country. We are tired of your people trying to take over the world.”

Imam Enchassi says this kind of ant-Muslim rhetoric is nothing new, but it becomes worse when perpetuated by those running for the highest office in the land.

From Muslims, to Jews, to Christians, more than three dozen religious leaders and organizations signed off on the request to “call on all presidential candidates to drop hateful, divisive anti-Muslim rhetoric from their campaigns.”

“We need our candidates to be informed, not ignorant,” Rev. Dr. Willam Tabbernee said.

Both candidates and many of their supporters have defended their actions in recent national television interviews.

Fox 25 reached out to a state senator coordinating with the Trump campaign, they told us they’re not allowed to comment on anything regarding the candidate.

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak sometime after 5:30 on Friday at the Oklahoma State Fair.