Ways To Help

Donate New and Gently Used Items

While CAIR Oklahoma is no longer accepting donations of new and gently used items for Muslim newcomers, we do know organizations that are. Please email a list of items you’d like to donate to Jen Hund at jhund@cair.com, who will connect you to people who could use your help!

Other Ways to Help

Below are the areas we need you the most:

  • Introduce us to community organizations, social service agencies, and faith-based groups who offer services and resources in the OKC metro area and who are interested in learning more about how to serve and welcome Muslim newcomers.
  • Spread the word: Share the work and mission of CAIR-Oklahoma with your friends, families and colleagues. You can also share our website, links to donate and volunteer on your social media platforms. Follow CAIR-OK’s Facebook Page, Instagram, and YouTube channel to stay updated with our projects and work.
  • Stay informed: Sign up for our emails and weekly newsletter on our website to stay updated and informed about what we’re doing and how we’re supporting our new friends.
  • If you are in the following fields, you may be uniquely equipped to provide vital services to new Oklahomans:
    • Medical – doctors, nurses, clinicians, particularly those who serve uninsured patients
    • Legal – lawyers, law students, legal support or professionals
    • Education – teachers, whether active or retired; school administration, and especially those with ELL training
    • Advocacy – particularly in the areas of disability rights, DV/SA protection, and public policy
    • Counseling – especially those with culturally relevant background/experiences
    • Housing – access to apartments, single-family homes, or duplexes capable of housing families, and willingness to accept Section 8 housing vouchers.
    • Faith-based or Community Center – access to a large space such as a gym or convention hall for special events; use of a bus or van and licensed driver
    • If this sounds like you, send an email directly to Jen at jhund@cair.com to find out more about the opportunities in these areas.