Welcome to Our Bill Tracker

Each year, legislators author thousands of bills that are either a focus of that elected official or requests from conversations with constituents. The CAIR Oklahoma Government Affairs Department has identified over 1,000 bills that are either beneficial or potentially problematic for our community. These are laid out in the categories identified through our policy platform.

These show what legislators will be a focus for meetings, and which committee meetings to keep an eye on once sessions starts.

Some notes:

Bills may cross categories; this is not a perfect delineation of what bill fits where in our platform categories. Just like politics, bills and how they are written and assigned to categories and committees can be messy.

Every bill is labeled by HB or SB then given a number for reference. We have then included either the Representative or Senator who authored the bill with a brief description. The description is also not an all-encompassing portrayal of what the bill contains. Language is not final (yet), and many bills are “shell bills” or empty placeholders.
HB: House bill
SB: Senate Bill

Before most sections we have also highlighted some personal favorites or good examples. These are not subject to any official rating system, and there is a lot to sift through. In addition, our stances on certain bills might change throughout session as we learn more about a bill’s intended and unintended consequences.

Housing and public health are looking to be big topics for this legislative session. Oklahoma has a distinct lack of affordable, attainable housing. Furthermore, there have been dozens of bills filed that target a person’s right to medical privacy and treatment.

With the arrival of our new Afghan neighbors, CAIR Oklahoma has been focused on the issues of housing in Oklahoma.

Legislators have also been involved with these issues on behalf of their constituents. Some bills we are most excited about are:

  • HB 1628 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Prohibiting landlord retaliation.
  • HB 1888 (Rep. John Waldron) Creating plain language forms for eviction proceedings.
  • HB 1988 (Rep. Mickey Dollens) Requires landlords provide air-conditioning on all rental properties.

These are some of the many good bills filed that seek better living conditions for all Oklahomans. There are more seeking similar goals and provide protections from landlord retaliation. However, there are also some that do not have such aims.


• HB 1989 (Rep. Mickey Dollens) Requires all housing rental agreements to show all fees on the first page of the rental agreement.
• HB 2109 (Rep. Daniel Pae) Prohibits landlords from engaging in retaliation against tenants for complaints or notice for justified corrective action and enhances certain legal remedies available to tenants.
• HB 2121 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Keeps eviction orders older than three years from being visible on websites, such records to only be viewable in person at the clerk’s office.
• HB 2124 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Requires all eviction notices to include information on the date and time at which the tenancy will terminate, the legal basis for the eviction and any possible means of curing the eviction prior to termination.
• HB 2277 (Rep. John Echols) Increases the time permitted for tenants to respond to certain summons related to eviction proceedings and adjusts the fee for filing forcible entry and detainer actions.
• HB 2725 (Rep. Annie Menz) Creates income tax credit for any individual for rent paid on primary residence.
• SB 241 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Removes restrictions prohibiting municipalities from registering or requiring registration for real property.
• SB 312 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Provides a refundable income tax credit of $110 for tax year 2024, which is to be adjusted for inflation annually for individuals renting their primary residence.
• SB 319 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Modifies individual income tax brackets beginning in tax year 2024.
• SB 465 (Sen. John Montgomery) In cases of rental agreement termination due to circumstances of domestic violence, return of deposit and no additional payments required.
• SB 683 (Sen. George Young) Creating the Oklahoma Rental Assistance Grant Program.
• SB 687 (Sen. Mary Boren) Authorizing district court to refer eviction cases to mediation.
• HB 2726 (Rep. Annie Menz) Right to counsel in eviction court for indignant tenants.
• HB 2724 (Rep. Annie Menz) Stipends for landlords who accept Housing Choice Vouchers.
• HB 2040 (Rep. Monroe Nichols) Increases the affordable housing tax credit from $4 million to $10 million per year.
• HB 2278 (Rep. John Echols) Repeals ban on property registries.

  • HB 2058 (Rep. Eric Roberts) Defines damage to a rental property beyond what is covered by the security deposit to be “malicious defacement”, a misdemeanor up to $1,000 in excess damage and a felony over $1,000 allows landlords to sue triple damages in addition.
  • SB 380 (Sen. Micheal Bergstrom) Makes the affordable housing tax credit refundable instead of transferable.
  • SB 201 (Sen. George Burns) Holding homeless encampments up to building code standards.
  • HB 2361 (Rep. Brad Boles) Provides for bid standards and ownership rights over certain properties to be auctioned that are subject to liens by municipal governments.
  • HB 2453 (Rep. Suzanne Schreiber) Creates Oklahoma Housing Policy Act of 2023
  • HB 2870 (Rep. Kevin Wallace) Rural Housing Finance Act of 2023.


These are examples of shell bills that do not have text currently, but will hold the place for a future bill in this vein.
They are titled “Creates the Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act of 2023” as a suggestion of what they might contain, but they will change as language is written.

  • HB 1993 (Rep. Mickey Dollens)
  • HB 2103, 2105, 2106 (Rep. Forrest Bennett)
  • HB 2389 (Rep. Chris Kannady)
  • HB 2453 (Rep. Suzanne Schreiber)
CAIR Oklahoma has become more involved with public health and equity, and this session will prove a challenge when it comes to medical care and the right to privacy. While we understand that there are diverging opinions within our community about sensitive topics, our stance is that medical decisions should be left between a patient and their provider and/or spiritual counselor, not dictated by the state legislature.

Some positive highlights to look forward to:

  • HB 2116 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Requires father of a child to pay certain lost wages and medical expenses resulting from pregnancy on behalf of the mother.
  • HB 1997 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Charges the Dept. Of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services with creating pilot program to provide greater access to underserved, lower income residents.
  • HB 1028 (Rep. John Talley) Prohibits school district personnel from using corporal punishment on any student with disabilities.
  • HB 1036 (Rep. John Rosecrants) Creates a Veteran Suicide Task Force.

Some concerning movement:

  • SB 364 (Sen. Adam Pugh) Prohibits certain school employees from being eligible for paid maternity leave.
  • SB 287 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Authorizes the charging and conviction of a woman with a criminal offense in connection with the death of her own unborn child.
  • HB 1029 (Rep. John Talley) Homeless student population data reporting.
  • HB 1035 (Rep. John Rosecrants) Provide exemptions for school absences related to mental health assessments and therapy sessions.
  • HB 1037 (Rep. John Rosecrants) Mandatory certain salary bonuses to school psychologists and speech-language pathologists.
  • HB 1038 (Rep. John Rosecrants) Requires all tourism information centers include a universal changing station for persons with disabilities.
  • HB 1783 (Rep. Danny Williams) Requires certain child support payments include costs surrounding the pregnancy (housing, food, travel, insurance).
  • HB 2107 (Rep. Daniel Pae) Permits research institutes to conduct trials and research related to psilocybin and psilocyn.
  • HB 2117 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Collaborative practice agreement to allow pharmacists to administer certain procedures.
  • HB 2118 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Requires school sex education curriculum include information about state laws related to age of consent, the dissemination of nude photographs and child pornography and nonconsensual distribution of private sexual images.
  • HB 2422 (Rep. Arturo Alonso) Creates EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact to enact license reciprocity across participating states.
  • HB 2511 (Rep. Ajay Pittman) Requires hospitals and licensed birth centers to report all deaths within one year of termination of pregnancy to coroner or medical examiner for autopsy consideration.
  • HB 2513 (Rep. Ajay Pittman) Requires the Dept. of Education to establish a program for law enforcement officers and agencies to notify school representatives when a child has undergone a traumatic event that inhibits school performance.
  • HB 2716 (Rep. Ellyn Hefner) Requires Department of Humans Services to report certain information pertaining to home- and community- based services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and plans for expanding services.
  • HB 2717 (Rep. Ellyn Hefner) Modifies the eligibility requirements, and the maximum payments amount of the Family Support Program.
  • HB 2727 (Rep. Annie Menz) Requires sufficient appropriation by the Legislature to provide meals at no cost to all children enrolled.
  • HB 2779 (Rep. Cyndi Munson) Directs DHS to send notice when persons are added to the Developmental Disabilities Services Division waiting list and annual updates as to their position on the list.
  • HB 2827 (Rep. Meloyde Blancett) Creates a grant program to employ school nurses, counselors and mental health professionals.
  • HJR 1044 (Rep. Cyndi Munson) Constitutional Amendment establishing a new individual rights to certain reproductive freedoms.
  • SB 142 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Modifies limits and caps on Health insurance coverage caps.
  • SB 144 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Create a list of essential diabetes drugs and drug price transparency.
  • SB 145 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Prescription coverage modification protection.
  • SB 146 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Prohibits insurers and pharmacy benefits managers from imposing excess cost burdens on covered person.
  • SB 147 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Requires medical authorization for students with diabetes to receive treatment at school.
  • SB 148 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Special Education advisory school councils.
  • SB 175 (Sen. Kay Floyd) Names school youth suicide prevention program Evan’s Law and adjusts meeting frequency requirements.
  • SB 176 (Sen. George Young) Requires schools carry feminine hygiene products school bathrooms
  • SB 182 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Provides Medicaid coverage for breast pumps.
  • SB 183 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Enhanced Medicaid reimbursement for obstetrical care at hospitals designated baby friendly.
  • SB 184 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Removes state regulation of smoking and vaping, permitting localities to enact equal or stricter standards.
  • SB 193 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Provides six weeks of state employee paid parental leave.
  • SB 254 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Requires insures to charge no more for out-of-network care than in-network if services are not obtained in a timely manner.
  • SB 366 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Required Department of Human Services to report information for Medicaid recipients with intellectual disabilities.
  • SB 367 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Requires DHS to publish an annual report on home and community-based services for Medicaid recipients with intellectual disabilities.
  • SB 368 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Protection of contraceptive care.
  • SB 382 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products sold to federally tax exempt organizations who provide and distribute products.
  • SB 670 (Sen. Kay Floyd) Prohibiting use of corporal punishment on students with a disability.
  • SB 931 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Oklahoma Pharmacy Act
  • SB 1063 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Providing tax credit for providing certain childcare services.

• HB 1011 (Rep. Jim Olsen) Prohibits healthcare professionals from recommending or providing gender reassignment to persons under 21 and removes funding from state facilities and providers.
• HB 1377 (Rep. Tom Gann) Prohibits gender affirming care for minors.
• HB 1466 (Rep. Chris Sneed) Prohibits gender transitioning or reassignment procedures and treatments for individuals under 18.
• HB 1656 (Rep. Marcus McEntire) Exceptions to criminalization of abortion in certain situations.
• HB 1788 (Rep. Danny Williams) Pregnancy center donation tax credit
• HB 1931 (Rep. Charles McCall) Remove illegal substance abuse disqualifying standards for TANF.
• HB 1932 (Rep. Charles McCall) Extend TANF benefits to pregnant applicants, same as parents with minor children at home.
• HB 1933 (Rep. Charles McCall) Creates the Oklahoma Poor Persons Policy Act of 2023.
• HB 2088 (Rep. John Echols) Abortion, terminal fetus exception.
• HB 2152 (Rep. Cynthia Roe) Adjusts membership of Maternal Morality Review Committee Membership and directs birthing centers to report certain information related to maternal deaths.
• HB 2170 (Rep. Kevin West) Requires proposed changes to school immunization list to receive legislative approval.
• HB 2177 (Rep. Kevin West) Prohibits gender affirming care to anyone under 18 years of age.
• HB 2181 (Rep. Kevin West) Prohibits movement of persons with communicable disease from residence and permits schools to prohibit persons with communicable diseases to attend.
• HB 2634, 2635, 2636 (Rep. Jon Echols) Creates Pro-Life Initiative Act.
• HB 2654 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Prohibits governmental entities from mandating any vaccination for general public.
• SB 33 (Sen. David Bullard) Prohibits any state or federal agency or business under contract with them to mandate COVID-19 vaccination or discriminate based on status.
• SB 115 (Sen. David Bullard) Employers permit employees to refuse participation in mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.
• SB 165 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Ban introducing fluoride in public water supplies.
• SB 250 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Any healthcare providers that perform gender transition procedures are ineligible to receive Medicaid reimbursement.
• SB 251 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Gender and sex designation, state entities
• SB 252 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from receiving gender reassignment surgery.
• SB 270 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) No local control of mask mandates.
• SB 271 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Require legislative approval for gubernatorial emergency declaration continuing beyond 30 days.
• SB 272 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) During state of emergency, no prohibition on activities in places of worship that are legal under state law.
• SB 273 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Requires local governments consent for prolonged emergency declaration.
• SB 275 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Limits the power of the governor to close businesses or institute other policies which could have a negative financial impact on the state during an emergency declaration
• SB 276 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Discrimination protection related to vaccination status
• SB 279 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) creates Parental Rights Immunization Act.
• SB 345 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Prohibits gender reassignment treatment for persons under 21 years of age.
• SB 538 (Sen. Greg Treat) Modifying grantmaking authority of State Department of Health under the Choosing Childbirth Act.
• SB 613 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Prohibiting gender reassignment medical treatment for minors
• SB 614 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Prohibiting gender reassignment medical treatment for minors.
• SB 628 (Sen. Blake Stephens) Prohibiting certain vaccinations and medications as a condition of employment.
• SB 731 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Adding and modifying definitions of abortion.
• SB 734 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Making certain drugs available over-the-counter without prescription.
• SB 757 (Sen. David Bullard) Requiring creation of certain program subject to available to funding.
• SB 834 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Making certain definitions and exceptions relating to abortion uniform.
• SB 878 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting gender transition procedures and creating Oklahoma Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act (SAFE).
• SB 877 (Sen. Shane Jett) Granting certain rights and protections to certain medical practitioners, healthcare institutions, or healthcare payers.
• SB 894 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibiting mask mandates in government buildings.
• SB 925 (Sen. Shane Jett) Providing certain immunity to covered entity and prohibiting actions against.
• SB 929 (Sen. Shane Jett) requiring licensed practitioner to inform patient of certain information prior to administration of vaccine.
• SB 936 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Making certain actions with a human embryo unlawful.
• SB 992 (Sen. Brenda Stanley) Unborn child tax exemption
• SB 994 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting vaccination as a condition of employment.

  • HB 1013 (Rep. John Echols) Lori Brand Patient Bill of Rights which establishes standards for patient treatment.
  • HB 1467 (Rep. Chris Sneed) Creates Fair Weather Friends Act prohibiting restrictions on energy producers.
  • HB 1985 (Rep. Cody Maynard) Considers second parents liable to provide certain portion of financial coverage necessary for prenatal care.
  • HB 2182 (Rep. Cynthia Roe) Repeals certain provisions requiring facilities to log and report certain communicable disease statistics.
  • SB 656 (Sen. David Bullard) Making certain persons financially responsible for certain prenatal care
  • SB 901 (Sen. Shane Jett) On child custody, modifying requirements for certain presumption.

Education in Oklahoma is in a grim state. We are opposing measures that target censorship of teachers and school curriculum. While these bills might seem on their surface to be a good thing, allowing parents more input into their children’s educational decisions, the reality is that parental discomfort should not be valued above well-researched educational standards for learning. Students have a right to an accurate, well-funded education, and teachers have the right to speak on topics that are important for students to learn.

Examples of bills we oppose:

  • HB 2078 (Rep. Chad Caldwell) Requires all school materials to be subject to inspection by parents, district personnel, and legislators.

There has been a big movement to increase parental involvement in the school curriculum. Not all parents are educators, and children need to learn in a manner that exemplifies the diversity of life and history. Learning isn’t always comfortable but needs to be safe. Only trained educators and school staff are qualified to make these decisions.

  • HB 1031 (Rep. Jacob Rosecrants) Repeals certain restrictions on training and curriculum related to sex, race, and gender in schools.
  • HB 1626 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Relating to the Tulsa Reconciliation Education and Scholarship Trust.
  • HB 2045 (Rep. Monroe Nichols) Repeals provisions related to prohibited training and course concepts in schools and higher education.
  • SB 627 (Sen. Mary Boren) Prohibiting certain institutions from taking certain actions due to a student’s pregnancy.
  • HB 2002 (Rep. Sherrie Conley) Establish standards in statute of obscene material harmful to minors and adjusts definition to include written and drawn mediums.
  • HB 2077 (Rep. Chad Caldwell) Direct Dept. Of Education to establish online transparency portal to assist parents in oversight and review of classroom material.
  • HB 2078 (Rep. Chad Caldwell) Requires all school materials to be subject to inspection by parents, district personnel, and legislators.
  • HB 2535 (Rep. Justin J.J. Humphrey) Distribution of obscene material to not provide any protections to adults knowingly providing obscene material to minors.
  • HB 2546 (Rep. Terry O’Donnell) Prohibits school instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for kindergarten through grade five or in a manner that is not age appropriate.
  • HB 2670 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Procedures for which a parent can submit a written complaint to a superintendent.
  • SB 20 (Sen. George Burns) Prohibits schools from demanding or awarding extra credit to students for any political activism or advocacy and from directing teachers to discuss specific controversial current events, requiring balanced perspectives in curriculum.
  • SB 95 (Sen. Rob Standridge) Prohibits school personnel from providing any sexually explicit material to students without written parental consent.
  • SB 131 (Sen. Cody Rogers) Require guardians opt-in for their children to participate in certain school activity relating to sexual or gender education.
  • SB 397 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Requires school libraries to conduct inventories and designate individual materials with a rating of elementary, junior high, under 16, juniors and seniors, with respect to the content of the item.
  • SB 829 (Sen. David Bullard) Prohibiting certain acts by school or school employee without parental authorization.
  • SB 843 (Sen. David Bullard) Affording certain rights to students enrolled in certain institutions.
  • SB 866 (Sen. David Bullard) Requiring written consent to participate in certain curriculum and directing certain curriculum and materials be available for inspection.
  • SB 867 (Sen. David Bullard) Directing certain history component to include certain information about the founding fathers.
  • SB 872 (Sen. David Bullard) Prohibiting certain materials and resources containing certain depictions or descriptions from certain library or school premises.
  • SB 880 (Sen. David Bullard) Creating the Student’s Bill of Rights.
  • SB 933 (Sen. Shane Jett) prohibiting certain schools from compelling participation in certain instruction, professional development, or training.
  • SB 937 (Sen. Shane Jett) School Establishment Clause act prohibiting creation, enforcement, or endorsement of certain policies.
  • SB 972 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requiring textbooks and supplementary books used or recommended for use to be available for inspection.
  • SB 973 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting certain curriculum and materials for certain grades from including certain information.
  • SB 1017 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting schools from maintaining books on certain topics.
  • SB 1031 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requiring public schools that administer certain survey to include certain affidavit.
  • SB 1033 (Sen. Shane Jett) Creating the Parent, Community, and School Board Accessibility Act.
  • SB 1056 (Sen. Rob Standridge) Relating to obscene material, redefining terms and requiring certain exceptions.
  • SB 30 (Sen. Cody Rogers) Control names and pronouns school personnel may use for students without written parental consent.

Being able to see and access what our government is doing is key! Furthermore, we must have information on how our tax money is being used.

  • HB 1919 (Rep. Andy Fugate) Requires all open records requests made of state bodies be kept in a searchable catalog with date.
  • HB 1920 (Rep. Andy Fugate) All meeting documents for public bodies must be posted on Secretary of State website as PDF and remain available and unedited.
  • HB 2108 (Rep. Daniel Pae) Permit limited digital participation during public meetings and under set public access standards.
  • HB 2730 (Rep. Annie Menz) Requires public bodies to respond to records request within thirty business days of receipt.
  • SB 89 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Provides public bodies subject to Open Records requests to provide written notice for any delay within five days.

Much of the finance related policy will come later in the session, but we will watch closely for proposals that will weaken or strengthen the state’s income.

Most of the bills in this category are still shell bills.

HB 2860 (Rep. Kevin Wallace) Increase to statewide official salaries.

“Creates the Budget Implementation Act of 2023”

HB 2882, 2883, 28844, 2885, 2886, 2887, 2888, 2889, 2890, 2891

(Rep. Kevin Wallace and Rep. Roger Thompson)

“Creates the Public Finance Act of 2023”

HB 2892, 2893, 2894, 2895, 2896, 2897, 2898, 2899, 2900, 2901

(Rep. Kevin Wallace and Rep. Roger Thompson)

With city council elections upcoming, and more elections in March, conversations on voting are constant.

Some bills we are excited about:

  • HB 2344 (Rep. Mauree Turner) Implement a system for disabled persons to independently vote.
  • HB 2421 (Rep. Arturo Alonso-Sandoval) Expands hours for in-person absentee ballot on Saturdays preceding elections.
  • HB 2782 (Rep. Cyndi Munson) Absentee voter applicants can apply for an entire calendar year at once.

And some not great ones:

  • SB 1019 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires photo ID for voter identification during voting.
  • SB 1058 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Removes authorization for electronic precinct registries.
  • SB 1096 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires investigation of addresses if eight or more registered voters are stated to be residents.
  • HB 1999 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Requires election boards to attempt to contact voters for rejected ballots and eases absentee restrictions in declared emergencies.
  • HB 2012 (Rep. Trish Ranson) Eliminates straight-party voting.
  • HB 2123 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Eliminates straight-party ticket voting in state elections.
  • SB 90 (Sen. Julia Kirt & Rep. Daniel Pae) Electronic voter registration by December 31, 2023.
  • SB 92 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Establish system for automatic voter registration.
  • SB 124 (Sen. Julia Kirt & Rep. Daniel Pae) Permitting voters to delegate certain steps of absentee process.
  • SB 410 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Expands provisions prohibiting certain electioneering activity at or around polling places.
  • SB 568 (Sen. Mary Boren) Eliminates straight-party voting.
  • SB 1050 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires judicial retention ballots to include political party of judges, the appointing Governor, and date of appointment.
  • HB 1629 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Allows persons convicted of a felony to be eligible to register once sentence has been discharged, commuted, or pardoned.
  • HB 1415 (Rep. Denise Crosswhite-Hader) Federal requirements related to elections to only apply to federal elections when they would modify Oklahoma standards.
  • HB 1768 (Re. Tom Gann) Additional identifying information required for voter registration.
  • HB 2145 (Rep. Kevin McDugle) Removes authority of Election Board to join certain multistate voter organizations.
  • HJR1018 (Rep. Tammy Townley) Require set percentage of voters from all districts for ballot measures.
  • SB 376 (Sen. Brent Howard) Clarify person designated to sign affidavit to legitimize absentee ballot.
  • SB 426 (Sen. George Burns) Use GPS to ensure a registered voter is assigned to precinct.
  • SB 897 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Requires absentee voters to provide reasons to receive ballots.
  • SB 989 (Sen. Shane Jett) Conduct post-election audits of results and ballots.
  • SB 995 Requires audits on elections, voter registration databases, and authorizes election watchers.
  • SB 1009 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Requires photo identification for voter validation in elections.
  • SB 1016 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires absentee ballots applicants to specify their reason for requesting absentee ballots.
  • SB 1106 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires all declaration of candidacy forms include a section for party affiliation and be printed.
  • SB 1110 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires initiative and referendum description be written at eight grade reading level.
  • SB 1112 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits certain behaviors within or near polling place.
  • SB 1116 (Sen. Shane Jett) Requires photo identification for election participation.
  • HJR1026 (Rep. Eric Roberts) Require statewide petitions to get proportions of signatures from each district.
  • HJR1027 (Rep. David Hardin) Require statewide petitions to collect certain proportions of signatures from each county.
  • HJR1031 (Rep. Chad Caldwell) Require certain initiative petitions to obtain sixty percent approval.
  • SJR 5 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Requires Constitutional Amendments be placed on ballots of odd-numbered years and require two-thirds of electors in all counties in favor.
  • HJR 1029 (Rep. Chad Caldwell) Constitutional Amendment which states that only U.S. citizens and bona fide residents of the State shall be counted for consideration in elections.
  • HB 1417 (Rep. Denise Crosswhite-Hader) Counting of votes during election to continue without pause until all votes have been counted.
  • HB 1769 Tom Gann (Rep. Tom Gann) Repeals state’s authority to join multistate voter list organizations.
  • HB 1916 (Rep. Andy Fugate) Bypass elections and place two candidates from same party on General Election ballot.
  • HB 1917 (Rep. Andy Fugate) Puts candidates running unopposed for their re-election to be placed on retention ballots.
  • HB 1918 (Rep. Andy Fugate) Closed primary elections to be conducted on last Saturday in June of election year and runoffs to be held last Saturday in August.
  • HB 2030 (Rep. Max Wolfley) If absentee ballot has not been posted prior to election day, allows absentee voters to cast in-person.
  • HB 2056 (Rep. Eric Roberts) Sixty-day waiting period after cancelling voter registration to apply in same county.
  • SB 714 (Sen. David Bullard) New voter system to give each voter a unique identifier to track ballot.
One of CAIR Oklahoma’s main topics, we are happy to see more bills prohibiting discrimination. However, many more also filed limiting freedom of expression. It’s important to note that while individual comfort levels with certain forms of expression might vary, the state has no business curtailing freedom of expression that does not cause any direct harm.
  • SB 644 (Sen. Dana Prieto) Clarifying the right of the public to exercise First Amendment rights at public meetings.
  • HB 2515 (Rep. Ajay Pittman) Modifies definition of discrimination to include individual’s natural hair or hairstyles, or other hairstyles tied to cultural and/or religious identity.
  • HB 2048 (Sen. Monroe Nichols) Prohibits discrimination against natural hair or hairstyles, specifically protecting braids, locks, and twists in school dress codes.
  • HB 2119 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Includes decisions based on gender identity, expression or sexual orientation to provisions governing civil action based on discrimination.
  • HB 2119 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Decisions based on gender identity, expression or sexual orientation to provisions governing civil action based on discrimination.
  • HB 2736 (Rep. Collin Duel) Defines drag performances as harmful to minors and prohibits persons and establishments from displaying such performances to minors as a part of the invited general public.
  • SB 503 (Sen. David Bullard) Prohibits political subdivisions from allowing or permitting a public display of lewd acts or obscene material where minors could be present, intentional violators to be guilty of a felony.
  • SB 505 (Sen. Cody Rogers) Prohibits state employees from striking or engaging in organized work stoppage.
  • SB 932 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting certain employees, volunteers, and contractors from using certain names or pronouns without written consent.
  • SB 988 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting the targeting of minors with obscene content.
We are pleased to see many bills filed which support our civil rights.

Great ones:

  • HB 1889 (Rep. John Waldron) Creates Oklahoma Holocaust Commission.
  • HB 2127 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Native American Representation Act of 2023.
  • HB 2378 (Rep. Chris Kannady) Right to interpreters during civil procedures.
  • HB 2419 (Rep. Arturo Alonso-Sandoval) Prescription drugs bear a label legible to patients, practitioners, or representatives in non-English if requested.
  • HB 1030 (Rep. Josh West) Provides standards and disclosure requirements relating to consumer data privacy and autonomy.
  • HB 1339 (Rep. John Rosecrants) Notice and due process requirements for violations on restricting teaching of topics related to race or sex.
  • HB 1341 (Rep. John Rosecrants) Requires all private schools accepting state funds subject to all laws, rules, regulations and mandates that public schools are subject to.
  • HB 1376 (Rep. Jeff Boatman) Requires school districts to provide certain students living below the poverty line free school meals.
  • HB 1444 (Rep. Melissa Provenzano) Imposes a lower excise tax on groceries meeting specific standards.
  • HB 1627 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Creates the Tulsa Race Massacre Victims’ Compensation Revolving Fund.
  • HB 1883 (Rep. John Waldron) Provide for an increase in teacher compensation.
  • HB 1885 (Rep. John Waldron) Directs schools to provide free breakfast and lunch to students.
  • HB 1905 (Rep. Andy Fugate) prevents private schools receiving state funds from spending such funds on certain activities and prohibits mandatory religious participation or discrimination.
  • HB 1994 (Rep. Mickey Dollens) Proposes a state question to adopt the Paid Family Leave Act.
  • HB 2115 (Rep. Amanda Swope) School curriculum on Native American history part of the state Academic Standards.
  • HB 2122 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Sales tax exemption on sales of menstrual hygiene products.
  • HB 2342 (Rep. Mauree Turner) Repeals provisions related to petitions for name changes.
  • HJR1002 (Rep. John Talley) Allow members of the Legislature to be employed as a certified teacher in a public school after leaving office.
  • SB 36 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Expands public access to law enforcement records.
  • SB 38 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Requires search warrant for metadata or any other data stored on electronic devices.
  • SB 103 (Sen. George Young) Directs OMES to compile and publish a voluntary annual list of state employees who are descendants of enslaved persons.
  • SB 104 (Sen. George Young) Creates an Oklahoma Commission on Race and Equality.
  • SB 179 (Sen. George Young) Appropriation to encourage entrepreneurship in urban, underserved communities and support commercial property development for local and minority-owned businesses.
  • SB 429 (Sen. John Montgomery) Allows public, charter, and technology students to wear tribal regalia.
  • SJR 1 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Electronic data and communications as part of the Constitution governing private citizens’ right to be secure in their property and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • HB 1370 (Rep. Tammy West) Guidelines under which the State Board of Education will be allowed to consider adding textbooks to an approved list.
  • HB 1810 (Rep. Sherrie Conley) Prohibits certain materials from being present in school settings (books, curriculum) including anything used by speaker or presenter.
  • HB 1811 (Rep. Sherrie Conley) Prohibits certain materials from school libraries and requires written policy for challenging school materials.
  • HB 2007 (Rep. Dean Davis) Allows school personnel to search shoes, socks, and hand and head coverings of students in addition to outerwear.
  • HJR1041 (Rep. Mark Lepak) Remove Judicial Nominating Commission recommendations for new justices to be appointed.
  • SB 348 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits engaging in or promoting race or sex stereotyping or profiling.
  • SB 702 (Sen. Roland Peterson) Prohibits the recognition of common-law marriage in the state.
  • SB 865 (Sen. David Bullard) Creating Teachers’ Bill of Rights.
  • SB 870 (Sen. David Bullard) Requiring certain institutions of higher education to adopt certain policies.
  • SB 974 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting environmental and governance criteria in this state.
  • SB 1075 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibits the state from entering into contracts with companies that engage in boycotts.
  • HB 2268 (Rep. Ty Burns) Requires charitable organizations and professional fundraisers to disclose information about funds.
  • SB 35 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Control and notice requirements on the authority of government entities to access certain private electronic information.
  • SB 1073 (Sen. Shane Jett) Relating to driver licenses and allowing testing centers to collect certain information.

As mentioned in our policy brief, many policy areas have been illuminated by the arrival of our Afghan neighbors. These also go beyond our new neighbors, and even beyond the Muslim community, to increase opportunities for all Oklahomans.

Barriers to gainful employment persist for many of our Afghan neighbors, but some measures have been proposed that will help them get, and keep, the jobs that will support themselves and their families.
  • SB 669 (Sen. Michael Brooks) Removing certain limitations on driver’s license exam.
  • HB 2835 (Rep. Jared Deck) Repeals provisions preventing local governments from imposing minimum wage standards.
  • SB 156 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Provides for a gradual increase in state minimum wage.
  • SB 157 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Repeals current standards permitting only state Legislature to create legislation related to minimum wage, sick days, and vacation,
  • SB 163 (Sen. George Young & Sen. Jason Lowe) Increase minimum wage to $13 per hour and a 50 cent increase per five years after.
  • SB 385 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Sets minimum wage standards for participating companies in Quality Jobs Program.
  • SB 408 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Require any policy, program or statute that prohibits sex discrimination to forbid unfair treatment of males and females in relation to similarly situated members of opposite sex.
Our Afghan neighbors, as well as many other recent immigrants and struggling Oklahoma families, are experiencing circumstances which require state resources and assistance to keep them afloat. We oppose efforts to limit state resources on discriminatory grounds and encourage Oklahoma’s leaders to be welcoming and accepting of all.
  • SB 43 (Sen. Micheal Bergstrom) Prohibits state agencies from purchasing any goods or services or entering into contract with companies owned or operated by the Chinese government.
  • SB 212 (Sen. David Bullard) Prohibits aliens and noncitizens from owning certain property in the state.
  • SB 464 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Specifically exclude foreign citizens from acquiring or owning land in Oklahoma.
  • SB 1051 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting certain ownership of land through business entity or trust.
  • SJR 10 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Constitutional Amendment to prohibit ownership of land in the State by a foreign citizen or business entity or trust.
  • HB 2420 (Rep. Arturo Alonso-Sandoval) Develop best practices and recommendations for instruction in digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy.

An arduous and critical issue in Oklahoma, the area of criminal justice reform is not without hope in Oklahoma. After many years of efforts, our harshly punitive criminal legal system may slowly be shifting in favor of rehabilitative and diversionary measures, protecting the rights of accused persons, and improving the conditions for those experiencing incarceration or reentry. However, we must be vigilant against policies that increase fines and fees for nonviolent offenses and that offer only harsh punishment instead of opportunities for rehabilitation. We believe that people are more than the worst moments of their lives, and we hope to see our elected leaders actively seeking ways to practice mercy and forgiveness.


  • HB 2341 (Rep. Mauree Turner) Courts to inform jury on full range of penalties prior to opening statements in criminal case.
  • SB 123 (Sen. Todd Gollihare) Reduces standards for parole considerations.
  • SB 127 (Sen. Micheal Bergstrom) Courts must provide clear and convincing evidence in case of defensive force.


  • SB 1100 (Sen. Paul Rosinio) Increasing certain penalties related to fentanyl trafficking and removing certain probation eligibility.
  • SB 108 (Sen. Micheal Bergstrom) Requires DA and convicted person’s approval for rehab programs and places all costs on convicted persons.
  • HB 1020 (Rep. Jim Olsen) Require conviction of arrested person before assets may be considered forfeited.
  • HB 1025 (Rep. Rick West) Increase standards for state-mandated drug tests.
  • HB 1065 (Rep. John Talley) Prohibits employers from discriminating against people based on criminal history.
  • HB 1440 (Rep. Toni Hasenbeck) Removes statute of limitations on the nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images.
  • HB 1566 (Rep. Marilyn Stark) REAL ID Compliant ID cards and driver’s license added to items to assist in re-entry post incarceration.
  • HB 1777 (Reps. Danny Williams & Roger Thompson) Removes fines and fees throughout the court system.
  • HB 1998 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Prohibits use of chokehold, air choke, or blood choke.
  • HB 2000 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Requires the State Bureau of Investigation to create annual report of use of force incidents.
  • HB 2001 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Requires officers with recording equipment to record in more circumstances.
  • HB 2017 (Rep. Trish Ranson) Distribute information about violence de-escalation and trauma-informed training to school districts to assist students in need.
  • HB 2112 (Rep. Daniel Pae) Includes counterfeit-controlled substances under prohibited transportation of controlled dangerous substances.
  • HB 2343 (Rep. Mauree Turner) Repeals provisions criminalizing spread of HIV, AIDS, and other infectious diseases.
  • HB 2345 (Rep. Mauree Turner) Removes requirements for polygraph examinations be used for certain sex and drug offenders during rehabilitation.
  • HB 2371 (Rep. Chris Kannady) Direct juries to assess punishment only within the limitations fixed law in cases of guilty verdict.
  • HB 2386 (Rep. Chris Kannady) Prohibits recommending commutation requests that seek to commute restitution.
  • HB 2431 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Allows nonviolent offenders to submit applications for commutation to the Pardon and Parole Board every two years.
  • HB 2433 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Allows courts to overrule the objections of district attorneys when diverting arrestees to the drug court program.
  • HB 2434 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Requires district attorneys investigating judicial misconduct to report within each 30 day periods to the Governor.
  • HB 2435 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Prohibits judges from engaging in sexual relationships with attorneys bringing cases before said judge.
  • HB 2436 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Requires law enforcement to provide audiovisual equipment for peace officers.
  • HB 2437 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Allow certain repeat defendants to be placed under supervised probation.
  • HB 2465 (Rep. Brian Hill) Adjusts bail requirements and requires initial hearings within 48 hours of arrest.
  • HB 2735 (Rep. Annie Menz) Requires appearances before law for certain arrestees occur no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 72 hours after arrest.
  • HB 2773 (Rep. Cyndi Munson) Increase liability for wrongful incarceration claims.
  • HB 2828 (Rep. Meloyde Blancett) Establish a drug court team within the system and transfer authority from district attorney to team.
  • HB 2829 (Rep. Meloyde Blancett) Creates Oklahoma Parole Supervision Act of 2023.
  • SB 11 (Sen. Dave Rader and Rep. Daniel Pae) Permit incarcerated person to receive tuition funds for higher education.
  • SB 37 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits use of IMSI-catcher devices to acquire cellular data without a search warrant
  • SB 82 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits establishment of quota on traffic citations.
  • SB 83 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Condemn and prevent profiling of motorcyclists.
  • SB 84 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibit contracting companies to provide photo monitoring device for traffic signal violations.
  • SB 152 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Remove the charge of aggravated trafficking from statute and reduce minimum sentence percentage (85%-60%).
  • SB 153 (Sen. George Young) Offenders under 18 cannot receive sentences longer than 20 years or life sentences without possibility of parole.
  • SB 286 (Sen. Brent Howard) Limit use of mechanical restraints on transport for mental health services.
  • SB 325 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Reduces maximum time spent in jail after initial appearance for a charge without review.
  • SB 379 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Mental health and behavioral health to CLEET education.
  • SB 407 (Sen. Jo Anna Dossett) Permits person to request retraction of booking photo dissemination.
  • SB 480 (Sen. George Young) Prohibits first responders from sharing photo or video of deceased individuals except for official law enforcement purposes.
  • SB 493 (Sen. John Haste) Allow for certified therapeutic dog in mental health court programs.
  • SB 722 (Sen. Jack Stewart) Prohibits first responders from transmitting or posting any photo or video from collision or crime scenes without authorization.
  • SB 1000 (Sen. Kay Floyd) authorizing OSBI to take certain actions with sexual evidence kits.
  • SB 1077 (Sen. Jack Stewart) Making certain individuals protected against certain hiring practices.
  • HB 1631 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Liability of peace officers when injuries occur relating to deprivation of an individual’s rights.
  • HB 1632 (Rep. Regina Goodwin) Forbids collective bargaining agreements with police departments from containing certain provisions.
  • HB 1615 (Rep. Rande Worthen) Including possessing non-prescribed marijuana as a crime subject to misdemeanor conviction.
  • HB 1923 (Rep. Lonnie Sims) Increase process serving and fees on court-ordered property sales.
  • HB 2051 (Rep. David Hardin) Removes references to the revocation of handgun licenses for misdemeanor charges.
  • HB 2054 (Rep. Eric Roberts) More serious penalties for exchange of money for sex or publishing materials where victim is under 18 years of age.
  • HB 2140 (Rep. Kevin McDugle) Deduction of up to 100 credits for veterans in custody of Department of Corrections.
  • HB 2156 (Rep. Ross Ford) Prohibits possession of fentanyl, heroin or methamphetamines without a valid prescription. Felony charge for violators.
  • HB 2159 (Rep. Ross Ford) Increase penalty for willful use of a laser.
  • HB 2186 (Rep. Kevin West) Prohibits adult cabaret and drag queen story hours anywhere in proximity to children.
  • HB 2210 (Rep. Kevin West) Authorizes courts to depart from mandatory minimum sentences when victim of trafficking or assault is underage.
  • HB 2531 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Qualified immunity of law enforcement officers.
  • HB 2536 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Loitering upon critical infrastructure property subject to felony offense.
  • HB 2586 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Prohibits possession of any detectable amount of fentanyl or derivatives, subject to felony offense.
  • HB 2587 (Rep J.J. Justin Humphrey) Penalties related to convictions on purchase, sale or marketing of certain controlled substances.
  • HB 2653 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Recognizes the sheriff as the chief law enforcement office of counties.
  • HB 2655 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Removes the ability of the Governor to restrict certain activities during state emergencies.
  • SB 21 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Declares county sheriffs to be senior peace officers.
  • SB 68 (Sen. Julie Daniels) Courts in criminal cases remanded for vacation of sentence to impanel new sentencing juries.
  • SB 77 (Sen. Brent Howard) Permits criminal courts discretion in imposing fines; to determine if juvenile offenders should be charged as adults.
  • SB 126 (Sen. David Bullard) Law enforcement provides arrest information of student to school district, include in their record, and require parents to notify on enrollment.
  • SB 136 (Sen. Roger Thompson) Increases sheriff’s fees for serving writs, warrants, and more.
  • SB 402 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Removes language protecting mother of an aborted fetus from being prosecuted.
  • SB 451 (Sen. Rob Standridge) Establishes three strike felonies for offenses related to methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.
  • SB 452 (Sen. Rob Standridge) Adds Isotonitazene to the Schedule I controlled dangerous substances list.
  • SB 481 (Sen’s. Dave Rader & Jeff Boatman) Felony to threaten or intimidated elected official, indirect or direct, and misdemeanor to impersonate.
  • SB 537 (Sen. Adam Pugh) Removes intent stipulation from assault and battery in domestic violence situations.
  • SB 660 (Sen. Cody Rogers) Includes marijuana under provisions prohibiting operation of motor vehicles.
  • SB 884 (Sen. Mary Boren) Providing duress by abuse affirmative defense for persons accused of certain crimes.
  • SB 1072 (Sen. Shane Jett) Creating certain felony on willfully or maliciously engaging in grooming and providing certain definitions.
  • SB 1090 (Sen. Lonnie Paxton) Authorizing defendant to file motion to dismiss charges under certain circumstances.
  • SB 1098 (Sen. Shane Jett) Prohibiting lewd acts or obscene material in public places and making intentional display subject to felony.
  • SB 1105 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Requiring state to reimburse certain costs and expenses in homicide cases.
  • HB 1429 (Rep. Mark Vancuren) Directs law enforcement to enter in understandings with universities on sexual assault protocols.
  • HB 1612 (Rep. Rande Worthen) Adds the crime of shooting into a building to the list of crimes that require convicted persons to serve a minimum of 85 percent of the sentence.
  • HB 1987 (Rep. Mickey Dollens) Clarifies that drug testing strips for the purposes of detecting fentanyl or related compounds are not considered drug paraphernalia.
  • HB 2537 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Peace officers using excessive force shall be subject to criminal penalties.
  • HB 2789 (Rep. Preston Stinson Allows adult victim of a crime with a need to prevent further victimization to seek relief.
  • SB 420 (Sen. Bill Coleman) Increases window to file certain claims with the Crime Victim Compensation Board.
  • SB 564 (Sen. Jessica Garvin) Relating to online harassment.
  • SB 615 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Increases age of consent for sexual intercourse from 16-18.
  • SB 716 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Removes statute of limitation on prosecution of certain sexual abuse and trafficking crimes.
  • SB 862 (Sen. Michael Brooks) Modifying certain misdemeanors.
  • SB 909 (Sen. Kay Floyd) Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Act
  • SB 1046 (Sen. Darrell Weaver) Making first offense of a domestic abuse against pregnant woman felony.
The conditions for incarcerated individuals often go beyond accountability and into abuse. Even those who have done wrong to society should have the opportunity to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives once they have served their time and are ready to rejoin society. We will closely monitor the legislature for measure that will improve the quality of life for persons who have interacted with the criminal legal system.

We support efforts to make gun ownership safer and more secure in Oklahoma. Firearm ownership is a sensitive topics, and we believe that no person’s rights to safely own a firearm should be curtailed on the basis of racial or ethnic profiling or without proper due process. However, we also agree that firearm violence is a scourge upon our society’s most vulnerable people, and we hope to see policies that will encourage responsible and safe firearm practices.


  • HB 2047 (Rep. Monroe Nichols) Mandatory waiting period after the purchase and before delivery of a firearm.
  • SB 374 (Sen. Julia Kirt) Prohibits persons convicted of violent crimes and crimes related to domestic abuse from owning firearms.


  • HB 2139 (Rep. Kevin McDugle) Permits authorized school personnel to carry firearms into school property.
  • HB 1416 (Rep. Denise Crosswhite-Hader) Allows firearms and knives designed for self-defense to be stored within vehicles on school property.
  • HB 1448 (Rep. Melissa Provenzano) Requires firearm sellers to wait at least three days before delivering any firearm to a purchaser.
  • HB 2041 (Rep. Monroe Nichols) Permits municipalities to enact ordinances restricting firearm possession.
  • HB 2043 (Rep. Monroe Nichols) Repeals provisions of Anti-Red Flag Act.
  • HB 2120 (Rep. Amanda Swope) Make it illegal to leave a firearm in an unattended vehicle without removing ammunition and leaving it in locked compartment.
  • HB 2432 (Rep. Jason Lowe) Forbids anyone convicted of domestic abuse from using, possessing or purchasing a firearm).
  • HB 2771 (Rep. Cyndi Munson) Restrictions on possession of firearms by persons convicted of domestic violence or stalking charges.
  • HB 2780 (Rep. Cyndi Munson) Creates Oklahoma Firearms Act of 2023.
  • SB 449 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Repeals provisions of Anti-Red Flag Act.
  • SB 625 (Sen. Mary Boren) Prohibits any person from permitting a minor to possess a firearm or leave one accessible to a child at all.
  • SB 705 (Sen. Kay Floyd) Persons subject to final protective orders and convicted of domestic violence abuse from possession or transporting firearms.
  • SB 726 (Sen. Carri Hicks) Prohibits reckless storage of firearms which would allow access by minor.
  • HB 1002 (Rep. Jim Olsen) Permits county sheriffs to arrest federal employees enforcing federal actions against Second Amendment Sanctuary Act.
  • HB 1021 (Rep. Jim Olsen) Permits concealed and open carry during Oklahoma State Fair and Tulsa State Fair.
  • HB 1380 (Rep. Tom Gann) Removes restrictions on concealed carry and handgun licensure.
  • HB 1644 (Rep. Cody Maynard) Allows transport and storage firearms in vehicles, including on school property.
  • HB 1762 (Rep. Robert Manger) Possession of firearm by persons with domestic abuse assault and battery charges a felony.
  • HB 1782 (Rep. Danny Williams) Persons authorized to purchase and possess firearms be citizens and lawful permanent residents.
  • HB 2136 (Rep. Kevin McDugle) Authorizes carry of firearms into public municipal buildings.
  • HB 2155 (Rep. Kevin West) Permits defensive force charges to file claims to be cleared prior to trial.
  • HB 2215 (Rep. Kevin West) Limits liability of firearm manufacturers for various sort of injuries related to firearms or accessories.
  • HB 2218 (Rep. Kevin West) Prohibits contracting with businesses that discriminate against firearm manufacturers.
  • HB 2532 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Includes peace officers in certain standards and protections in use of deadly force.
  • HB 2590 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Modifies provisions on proper storage and carrying of unconcealed firearms.
  • HB 2615 (Rep. J.J. Justin Humphrey) Allows nonviolent felons to possess firearms.
  • HB 2643 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Exempts firearms made in-state from federal regulations.
  • HB 2644 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Prohibits entities from forbidding transportation and storage of firearms in locked vehicles.
  • HB 2646 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Prohibits disarming or restraining individuals with firearms during routine traffic stops.
  • HB 2647 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Prohibits filing of certain actions relating to proliferation of firearms.
  • HB 2648 (Rep. Jay Steagall) Expands scope of state preemption relating to firearm restrictions.



  • HB 2702 (Rep. Gerrid Kendrix) Exempts individuals with valid handgun license from required NICS background check when purchasing firearm.
  • HB 2737 (Rep. Collin Duel) Removes caliber limitation on firearms to considered prohibited.
  • HB 2795 (Rep. Preston Stinson) Protects law enforcement from liability for firearm sold at auction after being confiscated.
  • HJR1034 (Rep. Kevin West) Prohibit Legislature from certain restrictions on firearms.
  • SB 15 (Sen. Casey Murdock) Contracts to include provision that requires companies to not discriminate against firearms entities or trade associations.
  • SB 80 (Sen. Micheal Bergstrom) Expands circumstances for display of firearms at other people to include self-defense.
  • SB 130 (Sen. Micheal Bergstrom) Adjusts use of deadly force in self-defense.
  • SB 260 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Any program offering to purchase firearms from citizens deemed an infringement of their Constitutional rights.
  • SB 269 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Removes state restrictions on firearms greater than .45 caliber.
  • SB 277 (Sen. Blake Stephens) Allows for firearms and knives to be stored on school property.
  • SB 324 (Sen. Warren Hamilton) Repeals prohibitions on certain types of ammunition and bullet-resistant armor.
  • SB 346 (Sen. Cody Rogers) Requires law enforcement training programs on protection of constitutional rights.
  • SB 347 (Sen. Cody Rogers) Prohibits public officials from using public money for advocacy of gun control policy.
  • SB 355 (Sen. Ally Seifried) Allows transport of firearms in a vessel, removes language on handgun licensing.
  • SB 658 (Sen. Casey Murdock) Permits lawful carry of firearms in nonprofit or public trust locations.
  • SB 663 (Sen. Rob Standridge) Additional standards for certain school personnel to carry firearms.
  • SB 664 (Sen. Rob Standridge) Requires higher education institutions to allow concealed carry of firearms on campus.
  • SB 720 (Sen. George Burns) Prohibits bans on firearm suppressors produced in state.
  • SB 733 (Sen. Blake Stephens) Permits municipalities to designate certain persons to carry firearms in municipal properties.
  • SB 736 (Sen. Tom Woods) Prohibits state law enforcement from enforcing federal bans on firearms.
  • SB 818 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Rejecting federal rules and regulations on firearms within boundaries of state.
  • SB 820 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Expands spaces where firearms may be carried out on public campuses.
  • SB 821 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits public and private schools from being designated as gun-free zones.
  • SB 823 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits policies on limiting transport of firearms in vehicles.
  • SB 824 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Expands state preemption for regulating firearms.
  • SB 826 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Prohibits law enforcement officers from participating in any gun buyback program.
  • SB 828 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Declares any federal red flag laws or laws relating to extreme risk protection unenforceable.
  • SB 831 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Protects persons who use defensive force from criminal prosecution and civil action.
  • SB 832 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Removes requirement of armed individuals to display valid handgun license, military ID, or law enforcement.
  • SB 838 (Sen. David Bullard) Qualifications for personnel to carry firearms on school property.
  • SB 842 (Sen. Lonnie Paxton) Prohibits contracts with companies that discriminate against firearms entities.
  • SB 898 (Sen. Shane Jett) Allows former assistant district attorneys to continue use of id cards and carry firearms.
  • SB 911 (Sen. Shane Jett) Unlawful to carry any item used in an offensive manner.
  • SB 918 (Sen. Shane Jett) Expands state preemption for regulating firearms.
  • SB 920 (Sen. Shane Jett) Narrow which government buildings in which it is unlawful to carry a firearm.
  • SB 978 (Sen. Grant Green) Removes prohibition on transport of firearms on maritime vessels.
  • SB 1024 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Reduce age for military personnel to acquire certain firearm licenses from 21 to 18.
  • SB 1049 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Permit municipal employees to carry concealed or unconcealed.
  • SB 1052 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Removes directing colleges and technology centers to notify OSBI of firearm violations and conduct certain hearings.
  • SB 1109 (Sen. Nathan Dahm) Requires courts prove defensive force not justified and establish procedure for appeal.
  • SJR 9 (Sen. David Bullard) Prevent infringement of citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.
  • HB 1404 (Rep. Bob Ed Culver) Removes prohibition of transportation of firearms on maritime vessels.
  • SB 476 (Sen. David Bullard) Nonviolent felons to have their firearm rights restored.