Kennedy Summers is a senior at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political and Intercultural Communication with minors in Sociology and International Studies. She is heavily involved on campus, having held leadership roles in various organizations such as her sorority, OU Dance Marathon, University Sing, and Scandals. She has also spent a large portion of her life participating in philanthropy and non-profit work, which inspires her to constantly seek ways to help make the world a better place.

After being sent home from Covid during her freshman year of college, Kennedy spent time reading the news and educating herself on current events. This time in quarantine opened her eyes to the world’s many issues and prompted her to want a career working to improve the state of the world through politics and advocacy.

In the Spring of 2022, Kennedy had the life-changing opportunity to study abroad with the program Semester At Sea, traveling to 13 European countries over the course of four months. This experience inspired her love for travel and learning about other cultures.

After returning home, she discovered a newfound thirst for knowledge and improved her intercultural competence, specifically when taking classes related to Middle Eastern studies and the Islamic faith. This led her to CAIR, whose mission aligned perfectly with her passions for advocacy work, politics, and building bridges between communities to promote understanding. Kennedy is overjoyed to be interning with CAIR and hopes to learn and grow while creating positive change in Oklahoma.