Hannah Edmondson is a current 2L at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, having received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Oklahoma State University. During her undergraduate career, she took multiple courses on Race & Gender studies, Antiracism, World Religion, and Postcolonial Literature. Those courses sparked a desire to foster understanding and cultural exchange not only within the university setting, but among Oklahomans at large. Since starting her law school career, she has focused her passions on public interest law and strengthened her love of writing as a candidate for the Oklahoma Law Review. As an intern with the Oklahoma Access to Justice Foundation, Hannah realized just how crucial legal aid programs are to Oklahomans’ livelihoods and how important it is to improve community access to those services. Hannah sought out an internship with CAIR not only for their commendable reputation in the legal aid sphere, but for their tireless advocacy and partnership with Oklahoma’s Muslim population. She is thrilled to be interning with CAIR and working toward a more inclusive and equitable Oklahoma.