Annual Awards Banquet-Honoring Activists that Serve the Oklahoma Muslim Community Our annual awards banquet honors the work of activists who have served our community with courage and leadership in the past year. CAIR Oklahoma banquets include an outstanding program featuring guests and awardees who discuss key issues concerning the Oklahoma Muslim community, Muslim engagement in the democratic process, and the impact of CAIR Oklahoma’s work in our community and state.

CAIR Banquet flyerAwards/Awardees

2008 – Let the Conversation Begin (Saturday, April 26)

  • Victoria Odetallah – Volunteer
  • Nadia Enchassi – Volunteer

2009 – American Muslims, Defending Ourselves (March 19)

  • Robin Dorner
  • Carla Hinton
  • Suhayb Anwar

2010 – A New Era of Hope: Our Role, Our Future (Saturday, March 20)

  • Amy Lester – Excellence in Journalism
  • Aliye Shimi – Community Service
  • Michael Brooks-Jimenez – Social Justice
  • Chuck Thornton – Social Justice

2011 – Embracing the Opportunity: Defeating Intolerance through Dialogue (Saturday, March 26)

  • Bill Crowell – Community Outreach
  • Allison Moore – Community Service
  • Warren Vieth – Excellence in Journalism
  • Razi Hashmi – Outstanding Service and Dedication to the Oklahoma Muslim Community

2012 – Making Democracy Work (Saturday, March 31)

  • Samanth Elauf – Freedom of Expression
  • Malaka Elyazgi – Community Empowerment

2013 – Upholding our Constitution, Defending our Faith (Saturday, April 13)

  • Reverend Dr. William Tabbernee – Building Bridges Interfaith Leadership
  • Abdurrahman Kabani – Faith in Action Youth Leadership Award

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