Taylor Venus

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 40

Party Affiliation: Republican






(580) 761-0364




As a lifelong Oklahoman, I love what the great people of our state are known for: compassion, ingenuity, and hard work–Oklahomans are the salt of the earth. I want what is best for our families, friends, and communities which I know can be accomplished if we have representation that works for us, and only us.

I am looking forward to working tirelessly to do what’s right for everyone in District 40. The days of old school political hobnobbing and top-down policy making need to be finished. It is 2020–people deserve someone that is dedicated to listening to their constituents first and partnering with them to be their collective voice at the Capitol.

We must continue to lean into our strengths as a state and a take a good, hard look at the opportunities we have to further develop our quality of life both locally and statewide. As state representative, I will strive to make sure our area is a place where future generations will want to live and prosper, and not feel the need to move away like many of our peers, your children, and grandchildren.