Rico Smith

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 48

Party Affiliation: Democrat












For four generations, Rico’s family has been proud to call Senate District 48 home. With young parents in and out of prison, Rico was raised by both sets of grandparents. Being exposed first-hand to the realities of our criminal justice system, Rico grew up with a focus on how law could be used to change people’s lives. This passion for law and justice inspired Rico to go to college—becoming the first male in his family to graduate after attending the University of Oklahoma. In 2018, Rico received a Masters degree from The George Washington University’s School of Political Management where he studied under prominent political professionals-both Republicans and Democrats.

Rico brings several fresh perspectives to the race for Oklahoma State Senate District 48. He’s a small business owner with real life experiences of having to grow a business facing a global pandemic. He’s a community organizer who is deeply involved in his community, and a political strategist with years of proven experience.