Phillip Hillian

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 45

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 850-1660



Born and raised in Midwest City, Oklahoma. My parents provided a marvelous home and no one could ask for more.  I am very grateful to them for teaching me the values of hard work, humility, and integrity. My personal commitment to Christ guides my ethics as a Christian Gentleman.

Pamela (my college sweetheart) and I have been married for 37 years. Currently she is serving on the front lines of the Covid-19 battle as a registered nurse. Pam and I loved all the places around the world where we lived, yet we chose to live in Oklahoma with our friends and family. We are very happy that we chose to return.

Thanks to a scholarship from President Ronald Reagan, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cameron University.  While there I was very proud to command the Cadet Ranger Company which was acknowledged as one of the top 1% ROTC classes in the entire country.

In the United States Army I served both as Enlisted and Officer for 23 years, attaining the rank of Major.   During Operation Desert Storm my unit received a Presidential Unit Citation.  I personally was awarded the Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Medal for leading 132 soldiers through sustained combat operations without the loss of a single soul.  I’ve held numerous high level security clearances and worked alongside some of the most intelligent scientist on the planet in the Defense Special Weapons Agency’s Field Command.

In Oklahoma I spent 16 years in the technology department of Devon Energy.  As an Administrator, Coordinator, and Engineer I help build Devon from a small local company to a Fortune 100 leader.

I am currently determined to follow what I have always believed was my hearts true calling; a public servant representing the interests of my fellow Oklahomans.  I am hopeful that you will recognize my sincere desire to represent your interests and shared values.  I would greatly appreciate the chance to serve as your representative.

Platform Issues


Oklahoma’s Schools rank 43rd nationally for basic education. Something needs to change from the ground up. In 2019 nearly half of every dollar in state revenue went to education, ($3.6 Billion). Utah spends the least per student of any state, yet is in the top ten of education, something there to learn. In addition to “Separation of Church and State” there should be a “Separation of school and political indoctrination”.


I love being an American, I can’t blame anyone else for wanting that too. If they are willing to become a productive citizen of our society and work hard to get along with everyone then I’m happy to have them here. Welcome to the American family!!! If they are just here to take advantage our our generous nature, behave badly, or attack our way of life, then we have a problem and I won’t hesitate to solve it for the protection of all concerned.

Freedom of the Press

A news agency should be free to print the truth. It doesn’t seem there aren’t very many of those left anymore. Most come across as outlets for political agendas. We need to have a way to protect people from the agenda driven media outlets. I think a thorough exam of broadcast licenses is overdue. If someone is licensed as a trusted agent to provide NEWS and found to be untrustworthy in that area, they should lose that license.

The Second Amendment

Self defense is a right. The right to bear arms was granted to help us prevent and defend ourselves from an onerous government. If we give them up, socialism will not be far behind. I will not give up my arms, nor ask you to give up yours.