Neil Hays

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 13

Party Affiliation: Republican






Born in Muskogee, Neil is the son of a High School coach and principal. A standout athlete, Neil went to college on a baseball scholarship. Eventually returning to Muskogee to coach and teach history. Neil knows firsthand — there is no room for liberal indoctrination in the classroom and biological males should not compete in female sports. Neil left teaching to start his own insurance agency. Neil has grown his agency substantially and now serves clients in multiple states, while achieving his carriers prestigious Toppers Club award for being Top 5 in sales. Starting from scratch, Neil now employs multiple people in our community. Neil’s agency treats his clients like family and puts their needs first.

Together, Neil and his wife Nicole have six children. Neil’s oldest son, a valedictorian, served our country as an active-duty Marine. A lifelong Republican, Neil is an NRA member, pro-life and stands tall for the values that make America the greatest nation on earth.