Max Wolfley

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 95

Party Affiliation: Republican




Max married his high school sweetheart, Brenda, after their sophomore year at Oklahoma State. After graduating and accepting teaching positions in Mid-Del, they bought their first home in MWC’s Original Mile in 1976 and have lived in District 95 ever since. Brenda taught at Del City elementary and later at Christian Heritage. Max taught and coached at Carl Albert Junior and Senior High Schools for 40 years while working summers and weekends as a flooring contractor. People might recognize Brenda from Affair of the Heart or the YMCA. Both have worked for years along with their children at Thunder games and as election officials for the county election board. During this time, they have been active members of First Southern and Meadowood Baptist Church while raising their two sons and six daughters. Their kids have attended Mid-Del schools, Christian Heritage, homeschool and also utilized Epic Online Charter School. Brenda and three of the girls have volunteered with the Whiz Kids reading program, the family has worked as volunteers for the OKC Memorial Marathon and Max, Brenda and two of the children have become volunteers at the Civic Center Music Hall.