Mary Brannon

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Candidate Details

US Congress District: District 4

Party Affiliation: Democrat





I am running for Oklahoma’s Congressional District 4. I absolutely support Oklahoma schools, protecting Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid, our Veterans, as well as providing transparency in government. I hope I can count on your vote.

In 2018 I won the primary, runoff, and was the Democrat on the final ballot against Cong. Cole, garnering almost 80 thousand votes, the most ever against him.

Veterans will be a priority

I ran last time because Cole and the Koch Brothers (Brother now, one died), want to make the VA private which will close all the VA Hospitals. Privatization makes the price go up and the quality go down. Just look at base housing at Tinker. Since going private, residence cannot get anything fixed, they are on a never-ending waiting list, mold is being painted over making kids sick, plus tiles have been disturbed and there is asbestos dust in the air. This company gave huge amounts to the Republican party. They have contracts for 55 more bases.

I never thought I would run for office, and honestly if Obama were still president, or Hillary would have won, I probably would not be running. Last year I said I have a Marine Corps brother in a wheelchair, 100% disabled from 2 tours in Vietnam, my hero. Now I say, I had a brother, because he died in January. Sitting by his hospital bed, I promised him, I would continue this fight.

Return the tax cuts where they were-Stop Cutting Social Security and Medicare

I follow the Democratic platform as my own. Return the tax cuts to where they were. Make the richest 2 percent pay their fair share. The US posted many billions in deficit last month, the biggest one-month deficit in history. ( Our kids, their kids, their kids will pay it back, not fair to them. It helped Wall street more than Main street. Just as Economists predicted, no trickle down, companies stay where cheap labor is and very few have moved back, including Ivanka’ Trump. It was pocketed for record profits, and balloons the deficit. Trump promised he “would not cut Social Security or Medicare. The next day, the 2021 budget was posted with cuts to Social Security 30 billion, and cuts to Medicare 850 Billion. Yet, nothing said about taking the tax cuts away from their donors. 2 senators want to make the deficit an emergency, that will have different rules.

Affordable Health Care

Every Republican voted against HR 3, Lower the Drug Costs Now Act. When I asked Tom Cole at his most recent Town Hall why, he did not have a good answer. He voted Medicare cannot negotiate lower prices. Elderly Oklahomans must decide lifesaving medicine or groceries. Insulin is so expensive some just die because they cannot afford it. Big Pharma has the most lobbyist in Washington,3 per elected official. Elderly folks going hungry and people dying is not my America. Both Big Pharma and Big Insurance are having record profits, while costs of Insurance Premiums skyrocket and lifesaving medicines are out of reach.