Kelly Albright

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 95

Party Affiliation: Democrat




(405) 557-7314



Kelly Albright is a passionate educator ready to work hard building roots necessary to fix the problems in our state government. Currently a third grade teacher in Oklahoma City Public Schools, her interest in teaching began many years ago when she was a young student in the Mid-Del school district. Kelly always loved to help others succeed, and was empowered by her hands-on experience at the Gifted and Talented Center at Pleasant Hill. Heartbreakingly, due to deep budget cuts, that G/T Center has since been forced to close along with many other excellent facilities across Oklahoma.

Kelly has always had a gift for leading through service to others, but she was initially reluctant to pursue a career in teaching. Like many Oklahomans, she was discouraged by the high costs for earning a degree and the low salaries offered for teaching. After a few years of soul searching, she embraced the truth that had been in her own backyard all along: chasing dollars would not replace the passion in her heart for educating children. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2014. A proud alumni of the University of Oklahoma, she was a member of the Pride of Oklahoma marching band as well as the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity.

Today, Kelly spends most of her time working on lesson plans, pursuing professional development on weekends and summers, and raising her two exuberant and joyful children – Julian, 5, and Violet, 2. She and her husband, Doyle, are occasionally able to spend time together enjoying local concerts, traveling, painting, movies, and spending time outdoors. Always on the go, Kelly is also interested in running, hiking, and discovering new treasures in her community.

Survey Issues

What do you want your Muslim constituents to know about you?

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with many Muslim families and staff members when I was teaching in OKCPS. I feel so fortunate to have been welcomed into so many Muslim families homes because of our shared loved of all our children. I am better for having been enriched by the various cultures and traditions I was exposed to during my time in the classroom. I want you to know that I am here, I see you, and I honor you! I hope you will share your concerns with me, knowing I value you and your community’s contributions to our state, and that I am always eager to learn more. Thank you for allowing me to serve you!