Karmin Grider

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 31

Party Affiliation: Republican










Karmin was born and raised in Oklahoma to a family that loves God, one another, our state, and OU football. Karmin’s parents, teachers, and coaches instilled in her personal responsibility and confidence in who she is and her capabilities. She was an avid student in the classroom and she especially loved American history. That passion for learning has only grown since her very first lesson in coloring between the lines. Being a fierce competitor since birth, she began playing sports at a young age and fell in love with the intensity and athleticism of football, basketball, and track. She loved being outside as much as possible playing, hiking, and exploring—and still does to this day. After high school Karmin pursued higher education and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. There she took advantage of the Multi-disciplinary Degree offering and created her own unique program in behavioral science and constitutional studies, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Leadership Organization and Social Issues.

After receiving her degree, she entered graduate school and earned a Masters in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. During her time at OU and throughout grad school she worked in childcare and education with ages pre-k 4 through 9th grade as a camp counselor, teacher assistant, substitute teacher, and coach. Currently she is a freelance Leadership and Business Consultant, involved in ministry, and is highly involved in the Logan County GOP.

She is married to a wonderful man named Joseph Grider who is a licensed electrical contractor and involved in ministry as well. Joe and her are a unit ready to serve however we are called. In addition to being a wife, she is a daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, and friend. The people in her life who recognize her in these ways sharpen her and constantly encourage her in my walk with Christ Jesus by their examples and love. They certainly are wonderful individuals.