Kane Smith

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 67

Party Affiliation: Republican






(910) 308-6864




Kane’s mission includes the following: protecting our classroom from woke indoctrination. As a veteran, Kane defended the liberties we enjoy. Kane won’t stand for Biden’s progressive remaking of America in the classroom. Defending our values; Kane is a proud defender of the 2nd Amendment and ardently pro-life. Expanding economic opportunity for Tulsa families; As a job creator, Kane knows the responsibility of signing a pay-check. He will oppose taxes on working families, oppose regulations on small businesses and let YOU control your family’s financial future. Shrinking government; Kane will focus on the core functions of government and oppose fraud, waste, and abuse within state government. Additionally, Kane was a direct witness to the abandonment of our nation’s heroes during Obama’s presidency. Kane will ensure our veterans and first responders are respected and taken care of at the state level. Kane will support policies that protect the rule of law, crack down on illegal immigration in our state and keep our families safe.