Harold Spralding

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican






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After age fifty I became serious about my commitment to make this a better society. To qualify I attended several universities and a short stint at a law school. With a B.S. in Law Enforcement, I went on to receive the Masters in Education. I am licensed as a LPC Licensed Professional Counselor LPC and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counsel LADC. I have worked in a mental institution as a Psychiatric Social Worker, served as School Counselor at two public schools and one alternative school. I also received ministerial credentials at age twenty three and continue as a retired ordained minister. For fourteen years I have served as Director of a residential treatment program until my retirement, June 1, 2018. I filed to run for a State office and campaigned until the Runoff election 3 and X weeks later. With my homemade brochure and many main street contracts I was able to cause a runoff of the seasoned incumbent. I received over 60,000 votes with expenditures of less than a hundred dollars. There was no animosity against the opponent I admired and so agreed to support his general campaign and was named Co-Director. This gave opportunities to speak at rallies over the entire State. Other political activity includes a run for State Representative as the nominee of the Party. In Oklahoma I have worked in campaigns of a elected Congressman, and an elected Corporation Commissioner {both of the Democratic Party when that party was the choice of the electorate). In Missouri I supported the first campaign of a Republican who went on to become Governor, U. S. Senator and served under President Bush as Attorney General. In Massachusetts I became a friend and supporter of Senator Ed Brooke. All these were Statesmen and moderate in their love for the electorate. There is to be NO FEAR in our great democracy. (If so led by my own exploration, I may run again, but that decision is not crucial at this time.) In politics I refer to myself as a “redneck from southern Oklahoma.” I consider myself a conservative of the Pre-Trump Republican Party but some call me a Democrat because of my care for the incarcerated, underprivileged, my emphasis on equal education for all and medical needs of the elderly. As to religion, I served as ordained minister in one of the top ten evangelical denominations. Within this group I helped renew or establish three new congregations. My ancestry includes many preachers. I have attended two church related Bible colleges (one beginning at age sixteen). In my early days I was referred to as “a holy-roller” and in my later years have been criticized as too liberal because I worship in liturgical churches as well as the evangelical mega churches. Church and faith are the focus of my life and I can receive blessings in non-protestant churches and even in Native American meetings. Just as in politics I consider myself a moderate and therefore as a peacemaker to all. I respect and solicit your comments and opinions. There is to be NO FEAR in our choice of our faith or in the God we serve.