Greg Laird

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 66

Party Affiliation: Democrat




(918) 955-2626



Greg Laird has been fighting for Oklahomans for his whole career. After earning his law degree at Georgetown University, Greg returned home to Oklahoma to work as an attorney, advocating for justice for everyday Oklahomans, both in private practice and with the Federal Oklahoma District Court. He currently works in the Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office, working with youthful offenders, helping them to get their lives back on track.

Greg is married to Brandy, and he is the proud dad of Kate, Ella, Alexander, and Parker Rose.

Survey Issues

What do you want your Muslim constituents to know about you?

I believe everyone should be allowed to practice and respected for following the religion of their choice.

Platform Issues

Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma remains in the Top 5 states in terms of incarceration rates. Oklahoma taxpayers simply cannot sustain our overcrowded prisons and the skyrocketing costs. The current piecemeal approach by our state legislature is not working. The majority of Oklahomans support meaningful reform, yet in 2019, the state legislature only passed ONE reform bill. This is unacceptable. Greg Laird has decades of experience working in the criminal justice system and will be a strong leader for meaningful, practical, common-sense reform.

Health Care

Oklahomans should not have to face the choice between paying for groceries and paying for medicine or Health Care, yet these are exactly the kinds of choices many families are facing. Health Care costs have gone through the roof with no sign of slowing down. Our local hospitals struggle to stay open. Families are giving up larger percentages of their hard earned money just to have insurance.We are in a health care crisis and the State Legislature should be looking at every available avenue to address it for Oklahomans and make Health Care more accessible and affordable. As State Representative, Greg will fight for good, affordable Health Care for hard-working Oklahomans.


Our schools are still underfunded and understaffed. Overall state funding is still not keeping pace with the growing number of students in our schools. We are facing a dire teacher shortage in Oklahoma. Oklahomans want strong public schools, and our children deserve them. A strong education system is vital to growing our economy and workforce and attracting top companies to our state. Greg will work to find real funding solutions to make Oklahoma schools, their educators, and students thrive.