Gentner Drummond

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Republican




(918) 938-3709



When his nation called, Captain Gentner Drummond led the first U.S. Combat mission in the Gulf War and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for “extraordinary achievement”. By the end of Operation Desert Storm, Capt. Drummond was among the most highly decorated Oklahomans of the war.
After completing nearly eight years of service to our country and earning a law degree from Georgetown University, Gentner returned home to Oklahoma to raise his family.

Even though Gentner was a practicing attorney, ranching was in his blood. He had been raised on the family ranch in Osage County, working sunup ’til sundown, including his school work at Hominy Public Schools. Gentner continued that tradition, raising his own children with the same values he had learned from his family.

Along the way, Gentner also became a successful businessman. His holdings include Blue Sky Bank, Drummond Law Firm, and Drummond Communications, creating hundreds of jobs in addition to the Drummond ranching operation.

Gentner and Wendy Drummond have a blended family of six children and five grandchildren.

As Attorney General, Gentner Drummond will take on a new mission: defend our rights, uphold the Rule of Law, and serve the People of Oklahoma, not the political elite.