Garry Mize

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 31

Party Affiliation: Republican








This candidate does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

A Husband and Father

Garry lives in south Logan County with his wife, Jennifer. They have three children — Maxwell, 9, and Maddox, 6, who attend Cross Timbers Elementary in the Edmond Public Schools, and Maverick, 1.

Jennifer is a UCO graduate who works as a 1st Vice President and Area Manager for business lending at MidFirst Bank.

A Guthrie Native

Garry’s children are the fifth generation of his family to live in Logan County. His roots in Guthrie go back almost to statehood. Garry was born at the old Guthrie hospital, and he graduated from Guthrie High School in 1995.

Garry’s father, Cecil, was a Guthrie postman. After retirement, Cecil started a roofing business that Garry helped with throughout school.

Garry’s mother, Lanette, has spent decades helping senior citizens in the Guthrie healthcare community. She’s worked at various home health, hospice and nursing home facilities.

A Finance Guy for a Finance Job

Struggles with the state budget at the Capitol highlight the need to elect high-quality legislators who understand budgets and finance.

Garry has a business degree from Southern Nazarene University (SNU). His first jobs out of college included working for Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments and JPMorgan Chase.

Today, he has over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry and runs his own business, Mize and Associates, a retirement income and financial planning firm in Edmond.

Athletic Success

Garry is an accomplished athlete who believes in healthy, well-rounded lifestyles for individuals and communities.

At Guthrie High School, Garry played baseball and was a member of the state champion Blue Jay cross-country team. He earned academic and athletic scholarships to SNU, where he was part of their first-ever national cross-country meet qualifying team.

Garry has since completed numerous marathons and Iron Man competitions. He’s also coached his son’s competitive summer league baseball team for four years.

A Man of Faith

Garry’s Christian faith always guides his decisions at the Capitol.

Garry and his family attend NorthChurch, where they’ve served as small group leaders, on the Welcoming Committee, and on the Church Plant team for NorthChurch’s new Guthrie campus.

Platform Issues

Creating Jobs

As a professional investment advisor, I know what it takes to create jobs, build companies and grow our economy. From local mom-and-pops to large retail and industrial companies, I have worked with a wide variety of investors and industries. As state representative, my top priority will be to foster an environment for economic growth in Oklahoma. I will push back against unreasonable taxes, regulations and lawsuits that kill jobs.

Improving Education

Improving education in our community is the first step to ensuring lasting prosperity for our kids and our state. I’m committed to excellent education for our all students by making certain they have the best teachers in properly funded schools with true local control. We must cut wasteful spending in areas like welfare so more money can be re-directed into priority areas of government like local schools.

Developing Transportation

Our transportation infrastructure is falling behind current and future needs. We must protect dedicated funds for road building and stop their diversion to non-transportation uses.

Defending The 2nd Amendment

As your state representative, I will always protect your personal liberties granted to us by God. This means upholding the entire Bill of Rights – including the Right to Bear Arms.

Protecting Life

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable rights given to us by our Creator. The first and most precious right is life. I am pro-life because my faith has taught me to cherish all life, and I will always vote to protect the unborn.

Holding The Line Against Tax Increases

Families know how to spend their money better than any government. It never fails that liberals want to take more of our money to fuel their big government programs. Government has grown too large and tries to do too many things at a cost too many of our families and businesses can simply no longer afford.