Eric Roberts

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 83

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 640-2452



With 28 years experience bringing jobs, commerce and services to families in the heart of Northwest Oklahoma City, Eric Roberts understands how to navigate changing dynamics in markets, funding, cutting through government bureaucracy regulatory burdens, and persevering through difficult economic shifts with innovation and action. Eric’s commercial and residential development business experience has given him unique insight in how to incentivize and promote new business development in Oklahoma, and is uniquely qualified. With all the challenges we are facing today, Oklahoma needs Eric Roberts to get to work as our State Representative – to Get Oklahomans Back IN Business!

A third-generation Oklahoman, Eric is deeply invested in his beloved state. A lifelong resident of northwest Oklahoma City, Eric values a strong work ethic, an attribute for which he credits his parents. While in high school, instead of hanging out with friends during the summer, Eric worked in an industrial warehouse. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Eric became an owner and operator of Colonial Center LP for the past 28 years right here in our district – helping to get Oklahomans IN Business.

Eric has been married for 26 years to the love of his life, Leigh, and they are devoted to their two college-age children, a son and a daughter. A believer in investing and mentoring the next generation, Eric was commonly called “Coach” throughout the community for his many years involvement in coaching kids softball, and he serves as a board member for Ozarks Team Challenge. Eric, Leigh and their children are active members of a community church, and Leigh is a leader in a women’s prison ministry. Eric has been a member of Rotary Club International since 1992, and continues to serve on the Oklahoma State Fairground Improvements subcommittee, where he was first appointed by former OKC Mayor Cornett.

Platform Issues


Student-centered solutions in education

Funding Classrooms

Support teachers by directing new school funding to classrooms


Reduce regulatory burdens on businesses


Reform state government - improve agency accountability, efficiency, and transparency


Focus on private-sector job creation