Dean David

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 98

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 557-7362



As a proud resident of Broken Arrow, I consider it an honor and a calling to seek a second term of office for State Representative and I ask for your vote. Broken Arrow has been home to me for many years and public service has been my life’s work for well over 20 years. As your representative in the state house, I will represent you with a code of morals, ethics and professionalism. This house seat will never belong to me or any other person because the seat belongs to the residents of District 98. Bringing the office back to the people will be a top priority for me and the oath I take to protect, uphold and defend the constitution will never be forgotten. In this time of uncertainty in our state and nation, it is imperative to have a leader who understands their role in being a public servant. By getting government out of the way, we will have opportunities to achieve our goals.

Broken Arrow is a great place for families to call home and is a great place to do business. I’m confident that together we can move our district and state forward and grow our economic base. It’s time for us to hang out a sign to the rest of the world that reads “Oklahoma is open for business” and our district can be a leader in that growth. We have a great workforce that is ready, willing and able to compete for new business to grow our economy, giving our kids opportunities to choose Oklahoma for their future instead of feeling the need to go elsewhere. There’s a lot of work to do and I assure you I am ready for the challenge.

By working together, taking a common sense approach to the issues, we will be successful.

Platform Issues


The growth of our economy should be the top priority of our state government. To compete in a national and international market, the world needs to know that Oklahoma is open for business. I will work to attract new companies and make doing business easier in Oklahoma. The true beauty and Central location of our great state only adds to the unlimited potential of economic growth.


Stability and predictability in general revenue is needed for us to be successful in managing our state’s affairs. By diversifying our state revenue, we remove volatility and uncertainty, which allows for better planning and budgeting. For too long, we have continued to tax problems away for others to deal with in the future. The day of “kicking the can down the road” must stop and I promise you this will be a top priority.

Budget Reform and Accountability

When I take my oath of office, I fully expect you to hold me accountable for my actions. As your representative, I will seek others to help me reform how we budget. I will hold state agencies accountable by requiring and enforcing regular audits and performance reviews. When the state is using your money, it has a responsibility to use those resources wisely and be able to show how every dollar is spent.


Education is a key element to a stronger, better society as a whole. In order to be successful in creating a desirable future for ourselves and our children, it is imperative that we strive to have the best educational system possible. This will take more than just adding the sorely additional needed revenue. It will also take a commitment from all of us as teachers, parents, business leaders and members of the community. We must not continue to lower our educational standards through the use emergency certifications because we have no pool of qualified candidates. Our students deserve the right of a quality education with highly qualified teachers. I will make it my goal to push for a reform in the educational funding formula and address how schools are allowed to use local money. Together we will facilitate the necessary change to make Oklahoma a top 10 educational state. Let's make Oklahoma the state where teachers, families, and businesses ​all have the desire to make it their home.

2nd Amendment

I strongly support the 2nd amendment fully and I will fight against any legislation that seeks to weaken this fundamental right.


The single greatest right we have as Americans and as a person is the right to life. Those most vulnerable among us deserve the same right and I will continue to defend our children both born and unborn every day.