David Hardin

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 86

Party Affiliation: Republican










This candidate does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

I am a native Oklahoman, a life-long resident of District 86, and a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation. My wife, Lorri, and I still live and raise cattle and horses on the same farm in Stilwell my father and mother started over 40 years ago. Adair County is our home and where we raised our five children, Jessica, Zackery, Lisa, Alexandra, and Megan. Today, our 15 grandchildren enjoy roaming and playing in the same creeks, hills and hollows as I did as a youth. My wife and I attend Lightening Ridge Community Church near Watts, OK, and are active members of the Mid-County Fire Department.

After serving in law enforcement for almost 40 years, I can honestly say I am not looking to start a new career in politics. In fact, I believe wholeheartedly that is one of the biggest threats to our society, a career politician. However, as a life-long resident of District 86, I have seen, heard, and experienced the consequences of poor representation in our state government.

After having spent the majority of my life in law enforcement, I am confident in my ability to interpret the law, and what I see are laws that need changing, clarifying, and in some cases, actually enforced.

Over the years, I have seen people, towns and communities in District 86 suffer economically, and sometimes personally, from abuses and questionable agendas by locally elected officials without having any legislative recourse. I have seen families and communities struggle financially due to lack of employment opportunities in the area. I have seen local businesses struggle, and sometimes fail, due to confusing tax codes and biased regulations. I have personally witnessed the struggles and hardships faced by our local farmers, ranchers, and poultry, dairy, and swine producers due to loosely written ag laws and overreaching environmental agencies. I have watched our teachers struggle to make ends meet while selflessly taking from their personal accounts money to purchase educational material for our children.

As your District 86 House Representative, I will work aggressively and tirelessly to bring about much needed change and support to our area. The key word mentioned here is, “Representative.”
I will not conduct myself as a free-will agent while at our State’s Capitol, I truly seek to “represent” the wishes of all the people of District 86 by offering an “open door” policy to all residents of the District. If it matters to you, it will matter to me. Whether it be local, county, or district, I will be open to personally addressing concerns, questions, ideas, and comments through personal one-on-one visits either locally or at the Capitol; through regular town-hall style meetings; telephone calls and email. Every voice and every person should and will be “represented” fairly, without partiality.

Every person in our district is important. Every voice and every person should and will be “represented” fairly, without partiality. I will work tirelessly to bring about much needed change and support to our area.

Platform Issues


I have seen my family willingly and passionately sacrifice their time and personal finances to equip their classrooms with supplies and materials needed to further the education of the children in their communities. I wholeheartedly support teachers and para-professionals and believe they, along with all State employees, deserve a pay increase.

Health Care

I am adamant when I say we must enact reforms to our current health care system. Government was not created to make personal health care decisions for the people. Individuals and families should have the freedom to make personal health care choices based on market and doctor preference. "

Agriculture and Natural Resources

As a farmer and rancher in Dist. 86, I am will aware of the issues we face in maintaining a sustainable farm. As your Representative, I will be your voice in the fight against the overreaching attempts of government. "

State Spending, Taxes and Budget

Oklahomans work hard for every penny they make, and it is a shameful thing for our State government to keep asking for even more of our hard-earned money when they have not demonstrated the self-control to manage what they already have."

Second Amendment

I have been given an A rating by the NRA and am a vehement supporter of our Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms. Each and every law-abiding citizen has the right to defend themselves, their families, and their property. There will be no compromise on this issue, ever."

Economy and Jobs

Through creative planning, careful budgeting, and honest leadership, I will work hard to increase the economy, create more jobs, and bring positive attention to District 86. "