Chris Schiller

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Candidate Details

US Congress District: District 2

Party Affiliation: Republican






Chris Schiller, PharmD is a Christian, father, husband, pharmacist, small business owner, committed conservative and patient advocate. Chris was born, raised, and still lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma where he has been married to fellow Muskogee native Rebecca Watson Schiller for 22 years. Chris, Becky and their two children Watson, 19 and Cash, 15 are involved in their church, civic groups, sports, and local organizations.

Chris graduated from The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in 2003 and is a known industry leader and has been on the forefront of community pharmacy as a past president of the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association. He is not a politician, has never run for political office, and his concerns have been about the growth and intrusion of government in the daily lives of his family, friends, and most importantly, patients.

Chris is very honored to be called a community pharmacist and has come to view government overreach and politicians as the problem, not the citizens that pay taxes and vote. Time and time again he would help a patient who had their prescription provider changed and he became tired of hearing the government was in the way, “Chris, why can the government tell me where to get a prescription?” And, since most medication ingredients come from China, he’s seen firsthand how disastrous supply chain interruptions and a reliance on foreign manufacturing can be for Americans. Chris believes in an America First policy. He will stand up against the Chinese Communist Government and fight to reduce the United States’ reliance on foreign manufacturing of any kind.

Put simply, Chris believes government is the problem, not the solution. It is time for a dose of Oklahoma to take over Washington.