Chris Kannady

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 91

Party Affiliation: Republican







Defender of Freedom
After 9/11, Chris Kannady answered our country’s call to duty and became a United States Marine. Within a few months after marrying his college sweetheart, Chris deployed to Iraq, where he was a prosecutor and handled detainee operations. In addition to Iraq and other military hotbeds throughout the world, Chris deployed three times to Afghanistan.

Proud Oklahoman
Chris is a proud Oklahoman. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with three degrees: undergraduate, law and MBA. During his 10 years in the U.S. Marines and four combat tours overseas, Chris added a master’s degree from George Washington University in national security and foreign relations. Today, he practices law and serves veterans to ensure they receive their promised benefits.

Serving South Oklahoma City!
After becoming a disabled veteran in Afghanistan, Chris left the Marines to come home. He’s now a lieutenant colonel in the Oklahoma Air National Guard. He also serves as south Oklahoma City’s representative in the state House.

Platform Issues


Chris is a conservative Republican.


He’s 100% pro-life because he believes life is God’s gift to us, not ours to take.

NRA Approved

Chris is also endorsed by the NRA and has an A rating.