Cenk Uyger

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Candidate Details

Party Affiliation: Democrat








Cenk Uygur is the CEO and founder of TYT, and co-host of The Young Turks – America’s largest online progressive news network and the #1 most engaged news and politics network, generating over 500 million views a month. Cenk Uygur also co-founded the Justice Democrats and is the bestselling author of Justice is Coming. He was recognized by Mediate on their list of Most Influential in News Media 2021. Uygur graduated from the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania and from Columbia Law School. Cenk is a Democrat running for US President and is the first US naturalized citizen to be on a presidential primary ballot. He is currently on the ballot in 7 states.


  • Time off for Parents- Paid Family Leave
  • Higher Wages- $15 Minimum Wage
  • Allow Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices
  • Fight Corruption – End Private Financing of Elections
  • Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose
  • Permanent Ceasefire and De-escalation of Violence in Gaza
  • Aggressively Address Climate Change
  • Affordable Health Insurance- Public Opinion
  • Universal Background Checks
  • End Gerrymandering